The State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics (SKLTOP) was founded in 1991 and opened to international and domestic scientists from 1993. It had passed four times the national assessment, respectively, in 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017. Professor Yao Baoli is the director of the Lab, and Professor Xu Tao is the director of academic committee of the Lab.

There are 97 research staffs in the Lab, including 1 CAS academician and 27 professors. There are 160 PhD & MSc graduate students studying in the Lab, majored in Optics, Optical Engineering, Physical Electronics, Communication and Information Processing, Signal and Information Processing. Two postdoctoral stations of Physics and Optical Engineering are set in the Lab.
The Lab has established widespread academic cooperation with institutions domestic and abroad including Germany, USA, UK, France, Austria, Italy, Japan, etc., promoting its reputation in the field of ultrafast photonics, and playing an important role as the base of opening academic exchange and cooperation. The Lab will keep strengthening the innovation ability, developing leading-edge techniques and training more high-level talents.
Main Research Fields:
1) Ultrafast Photonics: Theory, Technology and Application
Focused on femtosecond optical frequency comb, attosecond pulse generation and measurement, high power ultrashort pulsed fiber laser, microwave photonics, etc.
2) Advanced optical imaging
Focused on super-resolution and 3D imaging, quantitative phase imaging, computational imaging, polarization imaging, optical manipulation, freeform optics, etc.
3) Ultrafast diagnostic technology
Focused on streak camera, MCP-gated framing camera, all-optical solid-state framing camera, time-resolved electron diffraction, nonlinear photonics, large area photomultiplier, etc.
4) Ultrahigh speed optical information transmission, exchange and Processing
Focused on space high-speed long-distance laser transmission, optical switching, underwater wireless optical communication, etc.
5) Photofunctional Materials and Devices
Focused on Micro/Nano photonics, photonic integrated circuits, fiber-grating-based devices, Infrared glass fiber, Terahertz metamaterials, etc.

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Zip: 710119
Support institution: Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, CAS.
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Contact: Ms. Li Ping, Duan Tao
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