Key Laboratory of Biomedical Spectroscopy of Xi’an is jointly founded by the Key Laboratory of Spectral Imaging Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an Municipal Government. As one of the earliest Xi'an key laboratories, the laboratory takes aim at the national strategic frontier and socio-economic needs. Based on the global leading spectroscopy technology of Key Laboratory of Spectral Imaging Technology, through the development of spectral imaging devices, the establishment of spectral imaging databases and the analysis of biological spectral data, the laboratory aims to solve scientific problems in neuroscience and cognitive science.
The laboratory is committed to multidisciplinary research of spectroscopy technology and neuroscience. The research areas include the following: development of a 3D real-world eye-tracking system, development of functional near-infrared spectroscopy imaging devices for brain imaging, developing technologies for quantitative screening, early diagnosis for child with developmental disabilities, and research of mechanism of neural developmental disabilities.
The laboratory has strong scientific research background in spectroscopy technology, computer vision and machine learning algorithms, and neuroscience research. There are 17 regular personnel, including 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 1 intermediate level engineer, 1 research intern, and 12 doctoral/master students. The team's specialized field cover areas such as software engineering, spectral imaging, medical imaging, and cognitive science. The team has established cooperative relationships with international experts of biomedical spectroscopy research and teams of national medical institutions.