1200W single mode CW Fiber Laser (SFL-1200W-CW)

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The 1200 W single mode CW Fiber Laser is completely researched,developed and produced by Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM) independently. It has high power, maintenance-free, high electro-optical conversion efficiency and other characteristics. Excellent beam quality has been achieved by applying optimized mode control technology. This product is suitable for many application scenarios, such as cutting, welding, holing, medical device processing, etc.
Product Application
Laser processing: metal 3D printing, automobile laser manufacturing, sheet metal cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, etc.
Security and protection: can be equipped on the special vehicle and UAV to destroy UAV, burn air balloon and high altitude obstacle, etc.
Product Display

1200W single mode CW Fiber Laser
Technical Feature
1.Excellent beam quality;
2.High integration;
3.Maintenance-free operation;
4. Strong compatibility;
5.High electro-optical conversion efficiency.
Technical Parameters


 Output Power (W)  1200
 Beam Quality (M2)  1.06
 Wavelength (nm)  1080
 FWHM (nm)  <5
 Dimensions (mm)  450×195×680
 Weight (kg)  35
 Operating Temperature (℃)  25℃±5

Other Characteristics

 Beam Diameter (mm)  3-10
 Output Power Stability  <1%

Typical measurement results

Output Characteristics and Applications

User ratings

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