Two-photon laser scanning stereomicroscope

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Two-photon laser scanning stereomicroscope (TPLSSM) combines Extended Depth of Field (EDF) technology with two-photon laser scanning fluorescence microscopy for observing fast events volumetrically @1.4VPS(volumes per second) with Galvo scanner and at least 5VPS with resonant scanner. The depth information is obtained stereoscopically with a homebuilt Stereo-Scanner without z-scanning. With a 3D display device, i.e. NVidia 3D Vision kit, user can observe the whole volume of sample in real-time without any reconstruction or time consuming post processing. The full 3D information can also be recovered with correspondence algorithm.
Application area
Thick and dynamic samples, i.e. neuroimaging and developmental biology。
1. Tunable depth of field from ~μm (tight-focusing) to tens of micrometers for different imaging scenarios.
2. Specially designed Stereo-Scanner for acquiring 3D information volumetrically without mechanical or optical sectioning technology.
3. Real-time observing dynamical sample with off-the-shelf 3D display devices.

 Lateral resolution  <1μm (Objective: 20X, NA 0.95)
 Depth of field  Tunable, 2~60μm.
 Imaging speed (512×512 pixel)    1.4VPS with Galvo scanner,>5VPS, with Resonant scanner
 Laser source  MaiTai Series femtosecond laser or Ultrafast fiber laser

Imaging results:

Pollen grain and fluorescent beads. These images can be viewed stereoscopically with a cyan-blue glassless. The left and right channel frames can also be viewed with 3D shutter glasses or be post processed for 3D quantitative reconstruction.
Yanlong Yang Baoli Yao, Ming Lei, et al. Plos ONE, 2016, 11(12): e0168885-1-14.
Yanlong Yang , Xing Zhou, Runze Li, et al., Proc. SPIE, 2015, 9329:93292W1-93292W4 .
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