Radiation resistant fluorophosphate glass

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Product presentation
Radiation resistant fluorophosphate glass is a kind of low refractive index and low dispersion material. For optical imaging system in space high rail, the system color difference is usually eliminated by using the combination of positive and negative lenses with high radiation resistance. Most of the negative lens glass materials are one or more groups flint glass (high refractive index and high dispersion) with radiation resistance. It is easier to eliminate the aberration and spherical aberration of optical system by using the special dispersion of radiation resistant fluorophosphate glass, which is more benefitial to lightweight and miniaturization of high-resolution aerospace devices in the future.
Application field
Space / ground optical imaging system.
Product characteristics
1.Low refractive index and low dispersion
2.High optical transmittance
3.High radiation resistance

 Main parameters  
 refractive index nd   1.515873-1.516834
 dispersion nF- nC  0.0065~0.0073
 optical transmittance  ≥ 90% (300-2000nm, 10mm thickness)
 Radiation resistance  ~1x105rad (Si)

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