Frequency stabilized femtosecond fiber laser

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Product overview
Frequency stabilized femtosecond fiber laser module is a low noise light source which combines ultrafast laser technology and automatic control technology. By using the optical comb output from the frequency stabilized femtosecond fiber laser as the probe signal, we can realize high-precision measurement of the space distance and the atomic absorption spectrum as well as the high-precision optical sampling light source.
The modules uses 5V and 12V DC power supply. Once it is powered, it can automatically enter the working state. Benefit from the compact structure and small size, it is very suitable for the high-precision measurement devices. The femtosecond fiber laser module has been purchased and used by many domestic scientific research institutes.
Application fields
1、Femtosecond laser tracker
2、Optical oscilloscope
3、Atomic absorption apparatus
Product Display

Frequency stabilized femtosecond fiber laser

Product Characteristics
1、All polarization maintaining structure, compact, long-term stability
2、Full digital circuit control, one key start
3、DC power supply, ~12W power consumption
4、~1L volume, customized mounting holes
Performance indexes


Frequency stability record with a total lasting time of 5hrs

Paper list
(1)Ye Feng, Xin Xu, Xiaohong Hu, et. al. Environmental-adaptability analysis of an all polarization-maintaining fiber-based optical frequency comb[J]. Opt. Express, 2015, 23(13): 17549-17559.
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(3)Cai Y, Pan R, Zhang T, et al. Compact, robust, and repetition-rate-locked all-polarization-maintaining femtosecond fiber laser system[J]. Optical Engineering, 2019, 58(4): 046108.
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