Fiber Supercontinuum Laser

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Product Overview
Supercontinuum source can emit laser light with an ultra-broad spectrum (typical spectrum coverage is more than 1000 nm). This kind of laser source is mainly realized by pumping highly nonlinear fiber with high-peak-power pulsed laser. Our supercontinuum source exhibits all fiber structure and bears the virtues of high stability, ultra-broad spectrum and single mode operation. At present, we are at the leading level in China.
Application Fields
1、Atmosphere Monitoring
2、Optical Communication
3、Fluorescence spectrum and imaging
4、Super-resolution Imaging(STED)
5、Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Product Display

Fig. supercontinuum fiber laser prototype

Product Characteristics
1、all-fiber structure、lightweight、free of adjustment and maintenance;
2、adopting highly-nonlinear fiber, ultra-broadband spectrum, single mode;
Performance indexes

 Main parameters  Value
 Wavelength range  500nm-1700nm
 Output power  ≥50W
 Beam quality  M2<1.5

Paper list
(1) Xiaohong Hu, Wei Zhang, Zhi Yang, Yishan Wang,* Wei Zhao, Xiaohui Li, Hushan Wang, High average power, strictly all-fiber supercontinuum source with good beam quality, Optics Letters, 2011, 36(14):2659-2661
(2) Wei Zhao, Xiaohong Hu, Yishan Wang,* Wei Zhang, Zhi Yang, Hushan Wang,Development of high power all fiber supercontinuum laser technology, 2011, 38(11): 1107002-6
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Contact Information
Person to contact:Professor Zhang
Address:NO.17 Xinxi Road, New Industrial Park, Xi’an
Zip code:710119