Yang Xiaojun

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Prof. Dr. Yang Xiaojun
Personal information
Name: Yang Xiaojun Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 1978 Major: Optical engineering
Graduated from: University of CAS
Telephone: +86-13325458028 Email address: yxj@opt.ac.cn
Individual resume
Director of the Photonic Center, fellow of CAS and State Key laboratory of Transient Optics Photonics, "Engine special" expert of national science and technology award library, leading talents of science and technology entrepreneurship in shaanxi province, selected by the CAS "K.C. Wong Leading Talent" program. With the aid of ultrafast laser field experience, profound theoretical basis and practice for the further research of high-tech industrialization, committed to promote the ultra-fast laser extreme manufacturing technology and equipment of application and industrialization. Mr. Yang led the team to establish ultra-fast laser micromachining equipment and application industrialization company, speed up the transformation of ultrafast laser manufacturing achievements and application promotion.
Scientific research
1. Research direction
Committed to the extreme manufacturing technology, ultrafast laser beam control technology, spatial light modulation technology and mechanism of action of laser and material technology in the application of ultrafast laser micro machining system, breakthrough the restriction of ultrafast laser micromachining equipment engineering application at the key components, complex system integration technology.
2. Representative works
1)Yang Xiaojun, Zhao Wei, Li Ming, Zhao Hualong, Zhang Huixing, Li Peng, Yang Yong, Cheng Guanghua. Fabrication of microstructures in aviation components with a femtosecond laser based on PZT scanning. Laser Phys. 2013. 23(5).
2)Yang Xiaojun, Li Ming, Wang Li, Zhao Hualong, Cheng Guagnhua. A New Method of Processing High-precision Micro-hole with The Femtosecond Laser. Appl. Mech. Mater,2013. 268:382-386.
3)JIA Hai-Ni, YANG Xiao-Jun,ZHAO Wei,ZHAO Hua-Long, DU Xu, YANG Yong. Femtosecond Laser Pulses for Drilling the Shaped Micro-Hole of Turbine Blades. Chin. Phys. Lett,2013. 30(4):044202.
4)Lin ling, Yang xiaojun, bai jing, long xuewen, lu baita, Razvan Stoian, hui rongqing, cheng guanghua, femtosecond laser lithography waveguide polarizer, acta photonica sinica, 2011,40 (6).
5)Yang xj, zhang x, cheng gh, a method for adjusting dynamic lateral displacement of laser beam, 2011.06.15, ZL201110160682.9 .China?