Design and magneto-optical characteristics of Ge-Sb-S-PbI2 chalcogenide glasses with a high Verdet constant

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To develop high-performance magneto-optical chalcogenide glasses and clarify the mechanisms of the Verdet constant, Haitao Guo’s research team designed and fabricated a series of GeS2-Sb2S3-PbI2 chalcogenide glasses, and the Faraday effects of the series were investigated at a wavelength of 980 nm. A new parameter, that is, average polarizability, was proposed, and the results show that the Verdet constant has a good linear relationship with average polarizability, meaning that the Verdet constant of a chalcogenide glass can be directly estimated by its chemical constituents. The Verdet constant is as large as 0.200 min G(-1) cm(-1) at 980 nm for 22.5GeS(2)-67.5Sb(2)S(3)-10PbI(2) composition glass, which is the largest value reported thus far for sulfide glasses; this glass also possesses good thermal and optical properties and therefore might be an attractive candidate for mid-infrared magneto-optical device applications.

(Original research article "Journal of the American Ceramic Society Vol. 102, Issue 11, pp. 6787-6793 (2019)")