Effective strategy to achieve a metal surface with ultralow reflectivity by femtosecond laser fabrication

Data:17-09-2021  |  【 A  A  A 】  |  【Print】 【Close

Li, Xun; Li, Ming; Liu, Hongjun

An effective and simple method is proposed for fabricating the micro/nano hybrid structures on metal surfaces by adjusting femtosecond laser fluence, scanning interval, and polarization. The evolution of surface morphology with the micro/nano structures is discussed in detail. Also, the mechanism of light absorption by the micro/nano hybrid structures is revealed. Compared with the typical periodic light-absorbing structures, this type of micro/nano hybrid structures has an ultralow average reflectivity of 2% in the 250-2300 nm spectral band and the minimum 1.5% reflectivity in UV band. By employing this method, large areas of the micro/nano hybrid structures with high consistency could be achieved.

The result was published on CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS.  DOI: 10.3788/COL202119.051401