High-level Talent Recruitment Announcement of XIOPM

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I. About us

Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) was founded in 1962, with the famous scientist Mr. Zutong Gong as the first director, and is one of the largest research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Northwest China. In the past sixty years, the Institute has always been mission-oriented. By focusing on the national strategic needs and promoting scientific and technological progress, it has gradually developed into a comprehensive scientific research institution, which combines strategic high-tech innovation with basic research for application. Looking back on our endeavors over the past six decades, we can see why we were successful in the past and how we can embark on a new journey in the future.

To speed up the establishment of a world-class technological innovation institute for photon information and manufacturing, we are now looking for ambitious talent at home and abroad to join us.

II. Available Jobs

Research Direction of Recruitment Positions




Requirement and Remuneration of Positions

1) Strategic Scientist

Job requirements: The candidate should be academically level with academicians at home and abroad, world-renowned scholars, professors of world-class universities, or chief scientists of major national projects. The candidate should be able to direct related disciplines, guide and train talent, improve the overall level of scientific research, expand international exchanges and cooperation, enhance the international status and reputation of related disciplines, and achieve significant innovative research endeavors.

Remuneration: We provide a generous annual salary and scientific research support funds according to each individual. Excellent office environment and large experimental space are also available in support of the team-building of strategic scientists.

2) Top sci-tech leader

Job requirements: The candidate is required to be under 50 years old. He/she should have the experience of working as a professor or equivalent position in well-known scientific research institutions, universities or R&D institutions of large enterprises at home and abroad. Associate professor or equivalent positions can be considered for excellent overseas candidates or urgent needs.

Remuneration: Authorized public institution staff qualification, professor title, CAS doctoral supervisor. Annual salary of 800,000 yuan + bonus. Scientific research funds of no less than 15 million yuan. Housing funds of no less than 3 million yuan (including supporting facilities and amenities) Or a set of housing (140 ㎡ three-bedroom) in Xi'an urban area.

3) Young sci-tech talent and outstanding engineer

Job requirements: The candidate is required to be under 40 years old. He/she should have no less than 3 consecutive years of scientific research experience in well-known scientific research institutions, universities or R&D institutions of large enterprises at home and abroad after being conferred with a doctoral degree, or have the experience of working as an associate professor or equivalent position. For those who have obtained doctoral degrees abroad and are particularly excellent, their working years can be appropriately relaxed.

Remuneration: Authorized public institution staff qualification, associate professor or above title, CAS doctoral/master supervisor. Professor: Annual salary of 600,000 yuan + bonus; Associate Professor: Annual salary of 400,000 yuan + bonus. Scientific research funds of no less than 5 million yuan. Housing funds of no less than 2 million yuan (including supporting facilities and amenities) Or a set of housing (110 ㎡ three-bedroom) in Xi'an urban area.

4) Overseas young scientist

Job requirements: The candidate is required to be in the field of natural science or engineering technology and no more than 40 years old. He/She should have formal teaching or research positions in overseas well-known universities, scientific research institutions or well-known enterprise R&D institutions, and has worked overseas continuously for more than 36 months after obtaining a doctoral degree. If the candidate has not worked full-time in China at the time of application or has worked in China for no more than 1 year, he/she must work full-time in China for more than 3 years after being recruited. For those who have obtained doctoral degrees overseas, made outstanding achievements, or are in urgent need by the country, the working years can be appropriately relaxed.

Remuneration: Authorized public institution staff qualification, associate professor or above title, CAS doctoral/master supervisor. Professor: Annual salary of 600,000 yuan + bonus; Associate Professor: Annual salary of 400,000 yuan + bonus. Scientific research funds of no less than 5 million yuan. Housing funds of no less than 2 million yuan (including supporting facilities and amenities) Or a set of housing (110 ㎡ three-bedroom) in Xi'an urban area.

5) other

According to the development needs of the Institute, for some positions with special requirements for professional skills, the requirements can be appropriately relaxed, and all-around support can be provided in terms of salary, housing, children's education and spouse employment according to each individual.

Other Guarantees

Team building: According to the talent level, he/she will be assigned the quota of recruiting doctoral/master's students and special research assistants (PhD)/postdoctoral students. Engineering and technical support personnel are also provided to assist in the build-up of high-level and diversified scientific research teams.

Family guarantee: There is an affiliated kindergarten in the family area of the Institute and it has the first-class teaching qualification in Xi'an and students can enroll in Da Xue Nan Lu Primary School within the school district. It is the first batch of first-class primary schools and provincial demonstration schools in Xi'an. The Institute will also assist our staff's children to obtain high-quality secondary education resources through various channels. The Institute, affiliated enterprises, brother universities and colleges can assist the talent's spouse in employment according to personal interests and professional expertise.

Talent service: Our professional team provides first-class assistance to applicants for national, local and CAS talent and scientific research projects. We help apply for tax incentives for top-notch talent in short supply and assist foreigners to apply for work permits and entry visas.

Transformation of scientific and technological achievements: The Institute's entrepreneurial platform "CASSTAR" is China's first professional platform focusing on key & core technology venture capital and incubation. It has generated a key & core technology entrepreneurship ecology integrating "research institutions + Angel Funds + entrepreneurship platform + incubation service". Nearly 400 key & core technology enterprises have been invested and incubated successively. With first-class professional teams and rich investment service experience, "CASSTAR" can provide professional, in-depth and comprehensive investment, incubation and financing solutions for the application and transformation of talents' scientific and technological achievements.

Others: We pay social security insurance with high standards, provide paid annual leave and annual physical examination, assist in settling down and managing personnel files, etc.

III. How to join us

Interested applicants may send resumes to rencai@opt.ac.cn

Email Subject: Name + Talent Introduction of XIOPM

Materials to be submitted: a complete CV/resume (including basic personal information, contact information, education background and work experience, a list and summary of major academic achievements, and research plan.

Coordinators: Mr Qiang, Mr Sun

E-mail: rencai@opt.ac.cn

Contact Number: 86-029-88887521

Address: No.17 Information Avenue, Xi'an High-tech Zone (710119)

Website: http://www.opt.ac.cn

Scan the QR code below for consultation:




IV. Why join us

Located in the national central city with superior development conditions

The institute is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, a national central city. Xi'an is an important national scientific research, education and industrial base. Known as "the capital of key & core technology", Xi'an has contributed to "two bombs and one satellite", manned spaceflight, large passenger aircraft, China Railway, and the China Lunar Exploration project. It also gave birth to many "first", including China's first rocket engine, space-borne computer, integrated circuit, civil passenger plane, high-speed camera and digital color TV set. As a thousand-year-old ancient capital, Xi'an is becoming one of China's most dynamic cities in terms of scientific and technological innovation.

Xi'an is highly intensive in scientific and educational intellectual resources, and has gathered more than 1/3 of domestic scientific research units, professionals and productive forces in aerospace and weapons and nearly 1/4 in aviation. It is awarded as "China's Leading Smart City" and "Top Ten Innovative Cities in China". Xi'an has 63 colleges and universities with 1.27 million registered students. 13 disciplines from 7 universities are selected for the "World-class Discipline Construction" in China, accounting for 12.1% of the shortlisted disciplines. It has 164 key laboratories at or above the provincial level, 154 engineering technology research centers and 237 enterprise technology centers. The Institute has 3.44 million talent from all walks of life, 60 academicians from CAS and CAE and 226 experts enjoying the State Council's special allowances. Furthermore, Xi'an has formed innovative enterprise clusters and industrial chains in the field of artificial intelligence, aerospace, biotechnology, photoelectric chips, information technology, new materials, new energy and intelligent manufacturing. There are 5,212 state-level high-tech enterprises, 6,135 small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises, 37 state-level technologically advanced "little giant" enterprises, 3 state-level champion enterprises leading an individual field of the manufacturing industry and 5 listed enterprises in the science and technology innovation board.

Xi'an is a "world-famous historical city" recognized by UNESCO and the first batch of "famous historical and cultural cities" by the State Council. It is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation and the starting point of the Silk Road. Thirteen dynasties established their capitals in Xi'an. Xi'an, one of the cities with the best international image of China, is regarded as the best tourist destination in China. It is also a famous tourist city and gourmet city in China. There is the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, Shaanxi History Museum, the famous Buddhist pagoda called Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Qinling Zhongnanshan Global Geopark, Huashan Mountain, known as China's steepest mountain, and other cultural and natural landscapes. Xi'an enjoys a wonderful ecological environment. In the warm temperate and semi-humid monsoon climate region, it has moderate rainfall, four distinct seasons, a greening rate of 42.5%, and 265 days with good air quality throughout the year (2021), ranking among the list of world livable cities. There are 132 parks, more than 1,600 high-quality primary and secondary schools and 29 Grade A tertiary hospitals in the city (ranked 7th in China), which is the first choice for talent to settle down and start up their business.

Intensive and distinctive resources, brilliant history and outstanding contributions

The Institute now has 1300 staff and more than 600 registered graduate students. There are four research departments (Basic Scientific Research Department, Optoelectronic Technology Department, Aerospace Technology Department and Advanced Manufacturing Department) and 26 research units (centers). There is one state key laboratory, three key laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two provincial key laboratories and two provincial engineering technology centers. The Institute is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a "National Demonstration Base for Training Innovative Talent" and a "National Demonstration Base for Introducing Talent and Intellectuals". It is also a postgraduate training unit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There are 2 postdoctoral research mobile stations, 4 doctoral programs and 4 master programs. It is among the best in the discipline evaluation of the state and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Famous scientists Zutong Gong, academician Xun Hou, academician Mingqiu Xue, academician Hanben Niu and academician bin XiangLi all long served in the Institute. Nobel Prize winners Zhenning Yang, Zhengdao Li, Zhaozhong Ding, G.Mourou ,Barry Clark Barish and other internationally renowned scientists have visited the Institute and given lectures.

In the course of 60 years, the Institute has gone through the innovative evolution from frontier research to technical advancement, from engineering development to manufacturing, from technical development to application. The main research focus is on three fields: basic optics, space optics and photoelectric engineering. Basic optics is focused on transient optics and photonics theory and technology. In space optics, the main research directions are high-resolution visible light spatial information acquisition, optical remote sensing technology and interference spectrum imaging theory and technology. In photoelectric engineering, the main research directions are high-speed photoelectric information acquisition and processing technology, advanced optical instruments and underwater optical technology.

The Institute has built a nanometer-level optical system development platform, a micro-nano optoelectronic technology R&D pilot platform, an ultra-fast precision measuring device and whole equipment R&D platform, a special optical fiber material and device preparation platform, and an aerospace precision tracking and aiming technology research and simulation test platform. With the strong support of the state, we have built the first international leading ultrafast scientific research platform in China with comprehensive bandwidth, advanced performance indicators and broad applications.

In more recent years, oriented toward the missions of reform, innovation, and development, and building an innovative country, the Institute has participated in and successfully completed many major national tasks such as manned spaceflight, lunar exploration project and deep space and deep-sea exploration. As of now, the Institute has won 4 Special Prizes, 1 First Prize, and 4 Second Prizes for the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award; 1 Second Prize for the National Natural Science Award; 1 Outstanding Achievement Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2 Highest Science and Technology Awards and 3 First Prizes in Shaanxi Province; 4 First Prizes and 9 Second Prizes at other provincial and ministerial levels; 1 Special Prize and 4 First Prizes of the Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Institutes of Electronics. One achievement was selected as "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress in China". Two achievements were selected as "Top Ten Events in the Field of Remote Sensing in China Aerospace". Three achievements were selected as the first stage innovation achievements of "Trailblazer Action" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Institute has been awarded "Outstanding Contribution Unit of Manned Space Flight" and "Meritorious Unit of Chinese Lunar Exploration Project".

Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, by virtue of its robust disciplinary innovation achievements, the Institute has nurtured a number of high-tech enterprises, such as Focuslight Technologies, Micromach, QXP Technology, and Herch Opto-Electronic Technology, which play a key role in transformation and upgrading of local economy. We have set up an "Institute Model" for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements integrating "research institutions + professional incubation platforms + Angel Funds + industrialization accelerators". Nearly 400 high-tech enterprises have been hatched successively. By connecting the innovation chain with the industrial chain, we provide unique innovation and entrepreneurship solutions for experts and scholars who seek to apply and promote their innovation achievements to the market. This model has been written into the Shaanxi provincial government work report for five consecutive years and incorporated into the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Shaanxi Province, which has been recommended to apply in the whole province.

Future-oriented, craving and caring for talent

Great undertakings call for first-class talent. The Institute upholds the concept of talent-led development and strives to build a high-level talent team that adapts to the development of world-class scientific research institutions. A special talent zone and a talent platform have been set up to support the development of top-notch personnel. Through the "Zutong Talent Plan", the Institute has built a unique stepwise talent cultivation system that helps young talent grow. The Institute also provides collaborative support in scientific research platforms and postgraduate indicators. By virtue of the whole procedure talent service measures, the Institute effectively guarantees that talent can devote themselves to scientific research.

Going forward, the Institute will stay committed to the world's cutting-edge science and technology to better serve the state economy, the major needs of the country, and people's lives and health. We'll always bear in mind our responsibilities to the nation and the people. Based on optics and photon technology, the Institute will carry out research on the basic theory and technology of ultrafast optics and photonics, high-resolution optical imaging and spectral detection technology, and high-speed photoelectric information acquisition and processing technology. We'll also further consolidate the whole chain and systematic technological innovation capability foundation of photon information acquisition, transmission, processing and utilization. In support of the frontier development of ultrafast optical foundations and to meet the national strategic needs in the fields of aerospace science and technology, network communication, intelligent manufacturing, etc., we will make more endeavors to realize the Chinese dream of national scientific and technological innovation and self-reliance and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.