The 4th International Conference on Photonics and Optical Engineering and the 12th Annual meeting on Photonics West China were successfully held at XIOPM

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The 4th International Conference on Photonics and Optical Engineering (icPOE 2020) and the 12th Annual meeting on Photonics West China were held simultaneously online and offline on October 15-16, 2020. Affected by the epidemic, the conference set up the main venue at the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics(XIOPM), and branch venues at Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi’an Technological University and Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, as well as live webcasts and academic exchanges online.


Twenty-nine renowned domestic and international experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Iran and China gave excellent academic presentations. Ma Caiwen, president of Shaanxi Optical Society and director of XIOPM, delivered the opening speech. Xie Xiaoping, deputy director of XIOPM, presided over the opening ceremony. A total of about 500 attendees participated in the online and offline academic exchanges.

Ma Caiwen delivered the opening speech

Xie Xiaoping presided over the opening ceremony


The icPOE is a forum for cutting-edge science and technology in the field of photonics and optical engineering, which is held every two years. The conference is organized around eleven topics, including "Space Optics", "Nanophotonics", "Spectral Imaging", "Biomedical Photonics", "Ultrafast Photonics and Laser Precision Processing", "Information Photonics", "Photonic Functional Materials and Devices", "Ocean Optics", "Optical Design, Manufacturing and Testing", "Space Optical Networks", and so on.


Academician Hong Minghui, Academician Liu Wenqing, Academician Stephen McLaughlin, Academician Xu Hongxing, Professor Nikolay I. Zheludev and 24 other renowned experts in optics and photonics at home and abroad were invited to give presentations.


Academician Hong Ming Hui: Hybrid Laser Induced Plasma Assisted Ablation of Transparent Hard Substrates

Academician Liu Wenqing: The development opportunity in Environmental Optics

Academician Xu Hongxing: Fundamentals of plasmonics and optical nanocavity

Academician Stephen McLaughlin: Bayesian methods for robust 3D imaging and sensing in the photon-starved regime

Professor Nikolay I.Zheludev: Superoscillations, Artificial Intelligence and Deeply Subwavelength Optical Imaging and Metrology


A total of 130 abstracts were submitted to the conference, including 5 plenary presentations, 24 invited presentations and 30 electronic posters. The two days of conference presentations and invited presentations showed the frontier of discipline development and future trends from multiple perspectives, while providing a wonderful and unforgettable academic feast for the delegates, and won high praise from them.


The conference had prizes for the best posters, and the jury selected the 10 best posters from the 30 e-posters on display:

1) icPOE2020_PO_02:

Fei Jiang, Design of frequency stabilization system for single-frequency laser using quadrature demodulated Poud-Drever-Hall method

2) icPOE2020_PO_04

Bin Hu, Applications and development of micro- or nano-metric multi degree of freedom adjusting displacement scaling mechanisms for primary mirror

3) icPOE2020_PO_08

Hanmou Zhang, Transverse unidirectional scattering of silicon and Au nanosphere under azimuthally polarized vector beam excitation

4) icPOE2020_PO_11

Huan Cheng, Research on Sensing Characteristic of FBG Packaged by Carbon Fiber Rein-forced Polymer

5) icPOE2020_PO_12

Jie He, Design of Polarization Beam Splitter with Broadband and Wide Angle in Near Infrared

6) icPOE2020_PO_13

Qingwei Duan, Temporal-spatial distribution of the upward optical field after the transmission from a wavy sea surface

7) icPOE2020_PO_16

Chenming Yang, Epidermal layer recognition of optical coherence tomography skin images

8) icPOE2020_PO_20

Sha An, Axial plane super-resolution imaging based on single-molecule localization microscopy

9) icPOE2020_PO_24

Chao Liu,Imaging performance enhancement for complementary beam subtraction light-sheet fluorescence microscopy by using compressed blind deconvolution and denoising

10) icPOE2020_PO_26

Qihang Zhang, Online-detection of halogen atoms in atmospheric VOCs by LIBS-SPAMS technique


This conference builds an international platform for academic exchange and cooperation in the field of photonics and optical engineering, enhances mutual understanding with other countries of the world on the current status and trends of development in this field, strengthens the level of international cooperation and communication in this field, and improves the international academic reputation and influence of XIOPM.


At the same time, the success of this conference will play a positive role in implementing the national development strategy of "One Belt, One Road" and "Western Development", and in promoting the research, application and industrial development in the field of photonics and optical engineering in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province and even the whole country.