XIOPM Successfully Develops Heavy-caliber Point-source Penetration Rate Stray Light Testing System

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On Jan. 3, 2016, the 3-band point-source penetration rate stray light testing system developed by XIOPM passed acceptance smoothly. 

The testing system is mainly used for measuring point-source penetration rate of the optical-mechanical system to be measured, characterized by wide coverage of testing band and heavy measurement caliber, and is the stray light testing equipment with the heaviest measurement caliber in China at present. It adopts double-column tank as the testing chamber, with air cleanliness up to Class 1000, effectively inhibiting impact of light pollution on stray light testing precision.

The project group, under conditions of high technical requirements, strict indicator threshold and short development cycle, overcame most serious technical difficulties by independently completing processing of approximate-supersmooth surface of heavy-caliber main lens; completing installation and adjustment of heavy-caliber off-axis parallel light pipe based on computer-aided auxiliary installation and adjustment technique; and realizing surveying of high-precision low light.

        According to acceptance by experts, the equipment, with visible-light-band point-source penetration rate surveying capacity up to the magnitude of 10-8 , has been equipped with stray light testing ability of heavy-caliber optical-mechanical system. Successful development of the system will play the active promoting role in China’s remote sensing technique.