XIOPM’s First Optical-structural-thermal Integrated Simulation High-performance Computing Platform Completed and Put into Use

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A few days ago, XIOPM’s first high-performance simulation computing platform was completed in the Moon and Deep Space Probing Research Office. The platform, based on the national major project of technical innovation “lighter and smaller panoramic camera optical-structural-thermal integrated simulation platform”, is designed to provide our institute with powerful computer hardware platform support for research and development of lighter smaller camera and lift our capacity of integrated simulation.

The high-performance simulation computing platform consists of hardware system and software system, and is mainly used for completing lighter smaller optimized design of various cameras and optical-structural-thermal integrated simulation. The computation scale involved in such simulation computation often reaches the level of millions degree of freedom, thus has higher requirements on system hardware resources. Optical, structural and thermal computer simulation analysis software is more widely used in projects of our institute. However, before the platform, no high-performance computation was available in the institute and most simulations had been carried out by simulation engineers through their own PC system, which greatly limits computation scale and computation efficiency. At the same time, such practice meant lower software utilization ratio, as one software could only be used by one operator on one computer. 

Construction of the high-performance simulation computing platform makes different designers able to simultaneously deliver relevant simulation computation demands, and make it possible to give full play to utilization of software and hardware resources. In terms of hardware, the platform introduces 3 sets of independent computation nodes to form a high-performance server, and is equipped with high-capacity independent storage unit and adopts combination of network-based customer terminal and server. In terms of software, the platform specially introduces finite element simulation software Hyperworks and optical-structural-thermal integrated analysis software Sigfit for modeling simulation of various optical-structural systems. Currently the hardware platform has been set up and adjusted and some softwares have been installed and are available to use.  

The platform is open to all departments under the institute. Meanwhile, the Moon and Deep Space Probing Research Office has also conducted systematic research of optical remote sensing equipment finite element simulation technology and optical-structural-thermal integrated simulation technology, and developed the ability of software and hardware environment and technology supports for optical effective load system-level simulation. 

Completion and use of the high-performance simulation computing platform further lifts our institute’s ability in optical-structural-thermal integrated analysis and simulation, improves our research level in optical instrument and enhances our software and hardware strength in optical-structural-thermal integrated simulation technology field, and will play a significant role in lifting our computer simulation ability.