The Domestic First “Hard Science and Technology” Zhongchuang Space Settling Down in XIOPM of CAS

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       On the morning of September 2, a wonderful Robot & UAV Flight Show was held in XIOPM Work Zone. The activity is named “Xike Maker Show” and is the prelude of the opening ceremony for “CAS Star Zhongchuang Space” settling down in XIOPM. This activity, jointly organized by CAS Star National Science and Technology Business Incubator, Xike Angel Funds and Graduate Department of XIOPM, attracted about 400 student representatives from famous universities and research institutions including Graduate Department of XIOPM, Xidian University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xian University of Posts & Telecommunications, Shaanxi Normal University as well as responsible persons of Xi’an famous business incubators. CAS Academician and expert in optoelectronics Hou Xun, director of XIOPM CAS Zhao Wei, secretary of the party committee Ma Caiwen, deputy directors Wen Desheng and Gao Limin as well as other leaders all attended the opening ceremony.

       Why do we set Zhongchuang Space in the Institute? The general manager of CAS Star National Science and Technology Business Incubator Cao Huitao explained the reason on the ceremony that XIOPM, being one of the CAS’s biggest research institute in Northwest region, possesses strong scientific research strength and large numbers of graduate resources. Under the background that the state advocates innovation and entrepreneurship, we set the Zhongchuang Space in the Institute so as to make full use of the innovation resources of famous academies, institutes and universities.

       As the domestic first one being set in research institute and specializing in incubation of hard science and technology, CAS Star Zhongchuang Space can provide entrepreneurs and makers one-stop entrepreneurship incubation and investment services. The investment director Qin Zhanyang said “Our biggest feature is that we can not only provide all services as general incubator, but offer scientific and technological support services. All scientific research equipment and scientists’ resources of XIOPM are available for entrepreneurs. Besides, the newly-built Zhongchuang Space also has joint clean laboratory, which is especially important for S&T entrepreneurs.”

       It is known that CAS Star Zhongchuang Space has already attracted and introduced into dozens of science and technology entrepreneurial teams at the beginning of its operation, and their responsible persons appeared on the stage and signed incubation investment agreement with CAS Star and Xike Angel on the ceremony. The said teams include but not limited to entrepreneurial team of New Intelligent Bedside Lamp focusing on sleep care and entertainment company, entrepreneurial team of Gesture Recognition focusing on helping deaf-mute and other disabled people to communicate normally and Eye-Tracking Team who has won the Grand Prize in “Huawei Cup” The 10th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest.

       On the ceremony, the founder of Xi’an BicQ Technology Li Weichen, representing entrepreneurs read out Declaration of Dream, and CAS Star and Xike Angel, together with Graduate Department of XIOPM issued Dreams Collection Order to students of universities all over the country. Li Jinfang, the director of Graduate Department of XIOPM emphasized that the innovation subject not just refers to scientific research personnel, the students shall also be an important parts. Graduate Department of XIOPM, being the key part of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is not only responsible for training characteristic optical field talents, but pays attention to stimulating students' innovative entrepreneurial zeal so as to cultivate innovation talents and promote economic development.

       Chinese famous expert in optoelectronics and CAS academician Hou Xun encouraged students present to be brave to make innovation and face failure. He said “Technological innovation and achievement transformation require a good platform, which can be provided by XIOPM, CAS Star and Xike Angel. I really hope you can use this opportunity to cut paths through mountains, advance courageously and gain more achievements.” Besides, he also encouraged the investment units to amply reward the innovation and tolerate failure.

       Recently, the sate approved the newly revised Law of Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, which expressly stipulates that research and development institutes and higher education universities shall establish proper system to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. As we all know, large number of Chinese scientific and technological achievements are locked in the “safe case” and fail to be promoted to the market, which causes the achievements becoming old-fashioned. The deep-seated reason for low transformation lies in scientific and technical personnel’s lacking of motivation of transformation. However, XIOPM of CAS has broken through restraints of system in recent years, made bold attempts, successively established Xike Angel Funds and CAS Star Scientific and Technological Business Incubator. By adopting “incubating one and promoting more” mode, XIOPM made bold attempts and now has taken the lead in industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. The acts of transforming the scientific and technological achievements specialized and commercialized not only stimulate the entrepreneurial zeal of XIOPM scientific research personnel, but attracted many top teams from home and abroad to settle down in Xi’an.

       After Zhongchuang Space’s settling down in Graduate Department of XIOPM, CAS Star Incubator will quicken its pace of the layout of Zhongchuang Space, and will set up over 10,000m2 Zhongchuang Space in Bianjia Village, Xi’an in the next few months. Moreover, it will also move into Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Chengdu, etc.