XIOPM Graduates Team Win Grand Prize in The 10th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

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On August 14, 2015, the final awards ceremony of “Huawei Cup” The 10th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest (hereinafter referred to as the Contest) was held at International Conference Center of Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City. “Electronic Space”contest team organized by XIOPM Graduates Department stood out from 200 contest teams coming from 7 contest divisions after fierce competition links like site assessment, oral reply, road show and public vote, and was awarded Grand Prize for Team and team member Li Binrong was awarded the First Prize. Director Assistant of MOE Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Center Zhao Yu attended the ceremony and made a speech. It is learnt that only 2 graduate teams won the honor this time. “Electronic Space”contest team is formed by Li Bin, Li Feipeng and Wu Mengjie, graduates (Grade 2013) of XIOPM Spatial Photonic Information Technology Research Laboratory, with researcher Song Zongxi acting as their instructor.

The said Contest is an innovative team electronic design practice activity oriented to school graduates and is a graduates discipline contest jointly held by MOE Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Center, The National Engineering Professional Degree Graduate Education Guidance Committee and CIE as well as one of topic contest of “The National Graduates Innovation Practice Activities” held by MOE Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Center. It is learnt that the 10th Contest, being held together with social scientific innovation enterprises for the 1st time, aims to encourage graduates to make innovation and incubate academic achievements to scientific products. Zhao Yu pointed at the meeting that “highlighting serving economic and social development, highlighting innovation spirits and practice skills cultivation, highlighting science-teaching combination and industry-school cooperation” has already become the important content of deepening graduate education reform.

After winning the First Prize For Team in Northwest Division held in Chang’an University on July 6, “Electronic Space” contest team was directly promoted to the national final of the 10th contest. On August 11, 200 teams from 7 nationwide divisions, including about 1000 graduates launched the national final. The 1st round is the team competition which only promotes 1 from 20 teams. “Electronic Space” contest team, together with other 19 teams from Tsinghua University, Xidian University, Chognqing University, Chang’an University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, etc. launched fierce competition and finally received affirmation and support from the appraisers, and was successfully promoted to the national top 10. On the 14th, the national top 10 teams launched their 2nd round Grand Prize competition (2 out of 10 system), which requires each team to make a public speech and statement at the presence of over 1000 teachers, students and enterprise investors and all participants to join the voting to elect the outstanding teams. After launching tough competition with other 9 teams including Northwest A&F University, Wuhan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Southeast University and Shanghai University in the 2nd round, “Electronic Space” contest team and Electronic Engineering Institute PLA contest team won the Grand Prize for Team of the 10th contest.

The work of “Electronic Space” contest team is “ETRACK-Eye Tracking System”, which is able to lock human eye observation target by detecting human eyes motion locus and computing human eyes gazing direction. The abroad eye tracking technology has gotten certain development, and the products promoted by very few hi-tech enterprises and laboratories in America, Canada, Sweden and Germany monopolize the international market and their prices are very expensive. “Electronic Space” conducted deep research and experiment in the aspect of eye tracking, widely explored moving target tracking, eye control medical equipment and advertising page optimization and finally obtained good achievement.

Although this is the 1st time of XIOPM graduates to participate in this contest, they achieved proud result, which showed their good skills and encouraged all graduates of XIOPM to devote into innovation and entrepreneurship. The Graduate Department, together with Industrial Department, will establish Graduates “Start-up Space” recently so as to ensure favorable development of XIOPM graduates’ innovation and entrepreneurship from platform and system.