2011.07.11 Academic Report: Integrated Sensors Network

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Lecturer: Professor Sun Xiaohan, Southeast University, Director of Optical Sensors Network Technology Project Center of Jiangsu Province

Time: 9:30 a.m , July 11 2011

Place: Transient Optics Department Meeting Room

Introduction to the lecture:

Professor Sun Xiaohan is a prominent expert of optical-communication, director of Optical Sensors Network Technology Project Center of Jiangsu Province, training candidate of academic leader of Jiangsu Project 333, deputy chairman of Jiangsu Fiber Optical Technology Institute, director of Jiangsu Optical Engineering Society, senior member of CIE, member of IEEE CLEO and Communications, committee member of SPIE and member of Chinese Optical Society.

For over decades, Professor Sun Xiaohan has been devoting herself into the teaching and scientific research on optical wave electronics and Fiber optical communication technology. Centered on high speed large capacity fiber communication system and fiber-optic broadband network application, she has been pursuing research on many aspects like theories and techniques of WDM and OTDM systems and key devices, dispersion compensator based on FBG, high speed optical modulators/switches, theories and techniques of optical fiber private network, electronic system reliability technology, POF devices for short distance communication and its system technology.

Her current main research projects: multi-media optical fiber private network and its application techniques; DWDM and OTDM network system theories and techniques, theories and techniques of optical communication device without source, electronic system reliability technology.