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Framing camera is based on traveling wave gated Microchannel Plate(MCP)and proximately focusing imager .This camera can achieve one dimensional picosecond time resolution and 2 dimensional spatial resolution so that it can be used as an instrument in detecting ultrafast phenomena.It has futher application potential in several research area such as ICF,X-ray Laser, Plasma Physics,intense field physics and optical biology.
Now,the exposure time of framing camera can reach 80ps-100ps.

Main features
energy spectrum response 0.1-10kev
Number of Stripline: 4   Width 6mm   length:  25mm
Exposure time :60ps-100ps
Trigger jitter: ≤±50ps
spatial resolution: 25lp/mm

Technical characteristic
Framing camera based on normal size MCP can reach the exposure time of 60ps,Its exposure time ranges from 60ps to 80ps which can be adjusted from picosecond,nanosecond to microsecond by choosing the shutter time.
Ultilized with pinhole,the maximum frames can reach 16 at all.

recent research
Novel Framing camera based on two MCP has accomplished time resolution testing.The result shows it can reach the exposure time of 30-40ps
Large format, multiframe framing camera

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