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Technology Transfer

Framing camera is based on traveling wave gated Microchannel Plate(MCP)and proximately focusing imager .This camera can achieve one dimensional picosecond time resolution and 2 dimensional spatial resolution so that it can be used as an instrument in detecting ultrafast phenomena.It has futher ap...

Magneto Optical Glass /Faraday Rotator Glass Family

Magneto Optical Glass /Faraday rotator glass materials Tb-10, Tb-12 and Tb-15 are designed for laser light flux output control in the magnetic field in visible and near-IR spectral range. It is used in manufacture of faraday rotating components based on Faraday rotation of the light polarization ...

Picosecond Passively Mode-locked Yb3+-doped Fiber Lasers

Fiber based passively mode-locked lasers offer robust and stable operation without the need for constant realignment. The low cost and stability of fiber based picosecond lasers means that even basic research labs can have a picosecond pulse source without the need for expensive or complicated eq...

Low-dose portable X-ray machine

About the product: Low-dose portable X-ray machine is a hi-tech product first researched and developed by our unit, and is the smallest X-RAY diagnosis equipment both at home and abroad at present.


X-RAY IMAGE INTENSIFIERis the core component to form low doseX-ray machine and characterized by: 1.With function of detecting and enhancing X-RAY image. 2. Large working area, clear distortion-free image, high space resolution, high brightness gain and compact structure.

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