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Four Projects of XIOPM Obtained the First Prize for S&T Progress Award of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences

Four projects of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM), CAS obtained the first prize for scientific and technological progress award on June 23, after reviewing by the review committee of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences. The four projects are “Plane Array Technology of Semiconductor Laser Power Expansion”, “Technology of High Time-resolution of Multi-dimension Information Acquisition”, “CCD Stereo Camera of Chang’e I Lunar Probe Satellite”, “Multi-wave Mixing Energy Stabilization Effect and Multi-wavelength Fiber Laser Research”.
“Plane Array Technology of Semiconductor Laser Power Expansion” is a cooperation project with Xi'an Focuslight Technologies Co., Ltd. This project has developed technologies of multi-beam combination, light spot control, near-field non-linear control, thermal management, and spectrum control of plane array of high power semiconductor laser, which has realized power expansion in horizontal direction, vertical direction, and two-dimension direction based on stack array, and obtained high reliability and high power semiconductor laser plane array with narrow output spectrum and small and uniform light spot. This technology applies to continuous wave output as well as quasi-continuous wave output, and has established the production capacity of producing high power semiconductor laser plane array with continuous wave and quasi-continuous wave output. The research of this project has realized many technical breakthroughs, and masters the core technology of power expansion of high power semiconductor laser plane array with Independent Intellectual Property Rights.
“Technology of High Time-resolution of Multi-dimension Information Acquisition” adopts special photoelectric device with capacity of high time-resolution (nanosecond time scale), to realize recording and analysis of quick process and event. The result obtained by this technology was presented in the form of graph of "spatial information+temporal information+spectrum information", with features of intuitive, fast, and clear. This technology is of great significance and plays and irreparable role in high-energy density physics and its basic research field, the research level of this technology is an important symbol of the national scientific research level.
“CCD Stereo Camera of Chang’e I Lunar Probe Satellite” uses only one camera to obtain the three-dimensional stereo image of lunar surface. The camera optimize and integrate high and new technologies of optics, mechanics, electrics, and thermotics which ensures the high-precision imaging and photography measurement of lunar surface, and obtained clearer and richer lunar surface panoramic image than foreign lunar surface image. The camera adopts wide angle, telecentric, and orthoscopic optical system as well as plane array CCD stereoscopic imaging technology, which has higher S/N and MTF. This provides original information source with Independent Intellectual Property Rights for lunar scientists to study the landforms and structural geology of the moon, and has resulted with large amount of application achivements.
The project “Multi-wave Mixing Energy Stabilization Effect and Multi-wavelength Optical Fiber Laser Research ” targets at the optic fiber laser, and the features, function, and application of optical fiber multi-wave (including four wave) mixing are important research contents in this field. Through systematic study, we have established rigorous theoretical model and mathematical equation of arbitrary number of multi-wave mixing, extend the traditional theory of four-wave mixing, and researched the energy stability of multi-wave mixing. This is the first discovery and demonstration in the world of energy self-stabilization function of four-wave mixing, and established the mathematical model of multi-wave energy exchange, which provides new structure and new method for the research of optical fiber laser. It also provides techniques of highly integrated and efficient light source in the application fields of high rate and capacity optical fiber communication system, and high precision optical fiber sensor system. In addition, it provides new theory and method for basic and prospective research of multi-wave mixing, and provides new mechanism, method and structure for the realization of optical fiber laser multi-wavelength output and relevant achievements are highly appraised by international counterparts.

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