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Achievements at XIOPM Win Science and Technology Progress Award of Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Conference was held on May 5 in Xi'an, in which the winners of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award 2010 were commended. Zhao Leji, secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Zhengyong, deputy secretary of Provincial Party Committee and governor of Shaanxi Province, attended the meeting and awarded the prizes to the winners.
A number of achievements in scientific research at XIOPM won Science and Technology Progress Award of Shaanxi Province. Among them, the project of "Organic Photochromic Optical Information Storage, Processing Mechanism and Applied Research" won the first prize; the projects of "Chang'e I Lunar Satellite Interference Imaging Spectrometer" and "All-Fiber Ultrashort Pulse Laser Technology and Engineering Research" won the second prizes.
The project of “Organic Photochromic Optical Information Storage, Processing Mechanism and Applied Research” studies optical functional materials of organic information with emphasis on photochromic mechanism and photoinduced anisotropy mechanism of biological molecules and organic molecules, polarization holographic storage theory, and optical information storage and processing applications. The project has achieved a breakthrough in photochromic material - bacteriorhodopsin (BR) of biological molecules. BR film is found to produce permanent discoloration polarization (F state) induced by femtosecond laser two-photon for the first time in the world.

The project invented the encryption technology of writing once and reading out the optical storage and optical data many times based on F state and the multi-dimensional multiplexing holographic optical storage technology using BR as a rewritable recording material. The data encoding high-density holographic storage is achieved in bio-molecular materials for the first time. The storage density is up to 200Mbits/cm2. The multidimensional holographic storage technology of polarization multiplexing and angle multiplexing is realized for providing a new approach to improve the holographic storage density further.
"Chang'e I Lunar Satellite Interference Imaging Spectrometer" is a set of spatial modulation interference imaging spectrometer with Sagnac lateral shearing interferometer as the core component combining physical optics, precision machinery, electronics technology, computer technology and software technology. In China's first lunar exploration project, this equipment matched with x/γ spectrometer accomplished the science exploration mission of "analyzing the contents and distribution of the useful elements’ composition and material types on lunar surface", which is one of the four scientific objectives of lunar exploration.
During the operation in orbit, this equipment acquired multi-spectral image sequences of a total of 78% region on lunar surface. The download images are clear with rich level textures. It has completed the lunar exploration mission of clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, olivine and other major femic minerals’ distributions on lunar surface. It is the first international implementation of continuous spectrum detection of the visible radiation near infrared on lunar surface, and is also the first interference imaging spectrometer on the star in China.
Aiming at the international forefront in the field of ultrafast laser, the project of “All-Fiber Ultrashort Pulse Laser Technology and Engineering Research” has achieved series of innovative results in generating ultrashort pulse fiber laser, enlarging new mechanism, new methods, new structures, etc. and engineering application leading by the national demand of major scientific and engineering application and has created a number of best domestic records in the field.
The project carried out 400W fiber laser engineering applications based on the results of technical studies and made a breakthrough developing several sets of engineering prototypes being provided to users. It provides technical supports and engineering products of the new seed source for the development of ultrashort and super laser technology and big scientific engineering applications in China and also provides a new type of highly integrated and efficient ultrafast light source technology for the basic science of ultrafast, laser micro-processing, bio-photonics and other applications in China.

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