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The Institute Made Progress in Optical Trapping Theory Research

The research group led by Yao Baoli of State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics has made years’ of research on optical micro-manipulating technique, and has mastered such key techniques as laser tweezer, Feimiao laser light sabre and micro-spectrograph, developed laser tweezer products with exclusive intellectual property rights and successfully marketed it. Recently, this group has deepened its research by focusing its attention on such theoretical problem as optical trapping force computation of the special beams and special particles and has made series of creative research results. The group has successively published 5 relative papers on such world-class academic journals as Optics Letters, Physical Review A and J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, and received positive recognition and comments from their counterparts both at home and abroad.

Optical trapping, also called optical tweezers, is a new type of optical micro-manipulating technique. It focalizes a beam of light by using objective lens with high-value apertures into micron-sized facula to form grads to realized trapping and moving of the micro-particles. This technique is widely applied in various microcosmic researches such as biology and medicine. It has become an important means to deeply study individual behaviors of living cells and biomacromolecules and explore life law of motion. Conventional optical tweeser which uses Gaussian beams to trap spherical micro-particles, is comparatively mature both in theory and experiment. But some special phenomena and behaviors presented in some special optical field modes and in optical trapping of non-spherical micro-particles have become new research hotspots in optical trapping fields in recent years.


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