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The System Engineering Department

The System Engineering Department is a research department of XIOPM for central planning, implementation and management of project production process, and the bridge and tie to guarantee XIOPM to realize mutual promotion and harmonious development of basic research, strategic hi-tech and industrialization technology. 
The System Engineering Department now has 45 employees, including three research fellows, two senior engineers, one doctor postgraduate, 15 with med-level professional title and 11 with junior professional title, making a high-skill research team with theory and practice experience. 
In recent years, the Department is mainly engaged in assembly and adjustment of precision photoelectric equipment, and has carried on multiple researches in new process, new method and computer-aid installation and adjustment application, etc. The Department, equipped with ability to undertake production of large-sized, comprehensive hi-tech products, has remarkably completed national major research tasks for many times. 
The System Engineering Department is well ready to contract installation and correction of precision photoelectric equipment from or out of the Institute, and research and development of special tools for optical installation and correction and special process equipment. All people of the same trade are welcome to contact for business. 
Organizations of the System Engineering Departmentthe Department is under XIOPM research system and administration of research technology. 
Under the System Engineering Department there are “Office of Engineering Management”, “Office of Research of Engineering Technology”, "Office of Materials Supply” and “Installation and Correction Center”.


10,000-level clean Optical assembly laboratory

100,000-level clean Optical assembly laboratory

Super-clean Room

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