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The Spectral Imaging Technique Laboratory

The Spectral Imaging Technique Laboratory was established in March, 2004 on the basis of integration of relevant teams in research of spectral imaging technique in the Institute, with Research Fellow Xiang Libin as the laboratory director, Research Fellow Liu Xuebin and Associate Research Fellow Huang Min as the vice directors. Currently the laboratory has 41 official researchers, including four research fellows, 14 associate research fellows and senior engineers and two specially-invited experts. In addition, there are more than 32 postgraduates under their programs with the laboratory.
The laboratory’s purpose
national demand orientated, discipline frontier oriented, relying on high-efficient and harmonious research mechanism, being pragmatic and innovative, to give impetus to sustained development of spectral imaging theory, technology and application and to serve national security and national economy construction.
The laboratory’s positioning
to be a base of China’s spectral imaging theory, technology and application research, talents training and international exchange and cooperation; to closely combine with national major strategic demand and proceed from meeting urgent national needs, and in the principle of “basing on demand, highlighting characteristics and laying stress on innovation”, to strive for becoming the leading player in developing China’s spectral imaging technique.


Under the leadership of Research Fellow Xiang Libin, the Laboratory keeps growing and improving in spectral imaging technique research team and research level. Under great supports of CAS, ministries and commissions of China, the Laboratory has successfully completed researches of interference spectral imaging quick spectral inversion algorithm, interference spectral imaging device engineering model, and high-spectrum atlas data processing and analysis, making the spectral imaging technique serve national economy construction.



Laboratory Director


Xiang Libin, born in March 1967, research fellow, doctor tutor; graduated from the Department of Precision Mechanics and Instrument, University of Science & Technology of China in 1990, with Bachelor degree granted; from XIOPM in 1995, majoring in optics, with Ph. D grantedthat same year researched in the Postdoctoral Workstation of Physics, Northwest University. He was chosen into CAS “100 Talents Program” and former Director of XIOPM and Director of CAS Hi-tech Bureau. Now he is Director of Xi’an Branch, CAS, Director of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences, Director of“863”Fields Expert Committee, Director of XIOPM Spectral Technique Laboratoryand Dean of the Department of Precision Mechanics and Instrument, University of Science & Technology of China concurrently. 
In recent years, he has undertaken multiple national key projects in succession, and put forward large aperture imaging spectrograph LASIS, “space modulation interference imaging spectrograph”, and spectral resolution reinforcing FATIC method and innovation scheme with optimization and strength correction function
and successfully researched and developed “light-duty high-stability interference imaging spectrograph”. He has also won multiple honors such as national advanced individual in “863”space hi-tech field, etc, published more than 110 academic theses in important periodicals both at home and abroad, won 10 practical and new-type patents, made application for 18 invention patents, and given speeches or specially-invited speeches in international and domestic academic conferences. 

Research Progress

HJ-1A hyper-spectrum imaging device

On Sept. 6, China launched its first Environmental Satellite A & Balso named small satellite constellation for environmental and disaster monitoring and forecastingin manner of one rocket two satellites from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, with the satellite our Laboratory-developed satellite effective load “hyper-spectrum imaging device” was launched successfully together.


China’s first environmental satellite was launched successfully

HJ-1A hyper-spectrum imaging device, after launched, worked properly, offered stable performance and gained a large number of effective data, and the data quality won affirmation of users. 


300-sq.m 100,000-level clean laboratory

130-sq.m Electronic Fitting laboratory 

Academic Conference Room 

Office for Postgraduates

In 2007, CAS granted XIOPM the title of “The Unit Making Outstanding Contributions to First Moon Exploration Project”. The Space Optical Technology Research Department and Spectrum Research Department won reputation for the Institute as a research team.

Xiang Libin won “Chinese Youth May 4 Medal” Pace-setter

Xiang Libin and Yuan Yan won the award for outstanding contributions to moon exploration project

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