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The Space Optical Technology Research Department

The Space Optical Technology Research Department, established in 1993 and mainly in research of visible space information acquisition, optical remote sensing, high-resolution imaging and image stabilizing, etc, has made leap-forward development from principle innovation, key technology to system integration, and formed innovation team and core competition of Chinese Academy of Sciences in fields of visible earth observation, deep space probing and space astronomical probing, etc, making it become an important research and development force in China’s optical remote sensing and space astronomy.
Currently the Department has 79 researchers and 28 postgraduates under program. With development of space project and space optics discipline, The Department has developed the research team characterized by older researching leading younger researchers and combination of older, med-aged and young researchers. Under this mechanism, young core research members grow gradually, and begin to bear heavy load of scientific research on their shoulders step by step.

The Department centers on national strategic demands all along to carry out researches in manner of high starting point, high level and high quality, and has made breakthrough in original innovation of design conception and all-round technical proofing and key technology of principle model under supports of series state-level projects, and is taking a giant step forward to engineering. Through making full use of effective social resources, multi-party cooperation and advantages supplementation, the Department has made a batch of achievements represented by multiple invention patents, many high-level papers and constant supports to multiple national tasks, with contents involving design conception innovation, technical innovation and integration innovation, breaking through foreign technical blockage in the fields. 
In 2007, under great supports and close cooperation of the Institute leaders and management as well as the functional departments, all staff members with the Space Optical Technology Research Department, uniting, struggling and making do-to-earth efforts, have completed the tasks of research and development of major projects such as CE
1 optical imaging detection system launching and on-orbit testing and series star sensor optical system. On Oct. 24, Our Institute-made Chang’e I Satellite optical load and star sensor, etc were launched successfully with satellite, and on Nov. 20, clear moon surface image was gained for the first time. The project is the first major space project of XIOPM, and is a successful one. The success of the project lays foundation of our Institute in space project and makes good social benefit.

Since its establishment, the Department has undertaken more than 120 major projects under 863 Program, 973 Program, National Fund for Natural Sciences and CAS major frontier researches, with excellent achievements gained, including more than 20 awards at national, provincial and ministerial levels, consisting of one National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress Class II, 280 theses and one monograph published, more than 33 patents applied for and more than 130 doctor and Master postgraduates trained in succession.


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