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The Advanced Optical Instrument Research Department

The Advanced Optical Instrument Research Department, a newly established one on the basis of underwater photoelectric measurement technology research department, boasts 24 members, with 79% having degree of Master or higher, those under age of 35 accounting for 79% and five members having senior professional titles, forming a structure-reasonable research team. The Research Department boasts two major discipline orientations, one is research of underwater photoelectric detection technology, the other is research of strong laser beam control and parameter measurement technology and laser testing technology. Relying on construction of two major scientific projects of Shenguang Systemand Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation facility, the Department makes active efforts to enhance researches of relevant technology and engineering research and development, and improve products modularization and standardization level, expand civil development of photoelectric engineering, so as to form a scientific instrument research platform with clear characteristics. At the same time, the Department also carries out technical researches of underwater target imaging, detecting and tracking, etc, with a view to providing ocean development and underwater operation with technical supports.
Since its establishment, the Research Department has published 48 papers, made application for seven patents and won one Class I and one Class III award for scientific and technological progress at provincial and ministerial levels respectively.


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