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Optoelectronics Laboratory

Photoelectronics(Optoelectronics) is the international frontier discipline and one of the most features in our institute. Photoelectronics Laboratory consists of 4 professors, 6 associate professors and 8 middle engineering with high educational background. Two photoelectronics specialists, academician Mr. Hou Xun and Niu Hanben, are originators of the laboratory. 
The laboratory mainly launches the research works on ultrafast optoelectronic imaging devices and techniques, semiconducting optoelectronic materials and devices, and also the research and product development works into UV and EUV detecting techniques, X-ray diagnostic techniques in medical treatment and industries, and some other relevant optoelectronic high technologies. The researchers have successfully developed the long-magnetic focusing and static-electric deflecting image-converting tube, the short-magnetic focusing and static-electric deflecting image-converting tube, universal image-converting tube with static-electric focusing and deflection, visible streak tube with ps time scale, infrared-soft X-ray streak image-converting tube with ps time scale, soft X-ray framing image-converting tube, second-generation low-light-level image intensifiers, x-ray image intensifiers with MCP and Φ50Φ100 available viewing field, and other optoelectronic imaging detecting devices and systems which contribute a lot for the scientific research and national economy of our country.

The laboratory is authorized to confer doctorial degree and master’s degree in physical electronics and currently has trained over 100 postgraduates and doctors.


Photoelectric Devices
The major research fields include photoelectric devices and the applications, such as various image-converting tubes, image intensifiers and new photoemissive materials for ultra-short light pulse-diagnosing, image-intensifying and light avelength converting.
The long-magnetic focusing and static-electric deflecting image-converting tube, universal image-converting tube with static-electric focusing and deflection, visible streak tube with ps time scale, infrared soft x-ray streak image-converting tube with ps time scale, soft x-ray framing image-converting tube, second-generation low-light-level image intensifiers, x-ray image intensifiers with MCP and Φ50~Φ100 available viewing field, have been developed successfully. They have important contributions to scientific research and economy.

LCD Backlight Source
LCD is flat display depending on modulate and transmission of light source.This light source modulator is called backlight source module. It includes guiding-light board, optics chaff, and light source assembly. It involves in the discipline knowledge like light source qualityoptical system designprecision machanics high molecular material, etc. Its creativity lies in that is formed from compositive technology of multi-disciplines and belongs to the high-tech products. It is mainly applied to electronic product, such as PDAGPSdigital cameras and handsets. Large size backlight source(>10.4 inch) is mainly applied to the plane displays like panel of TFT-LCDnotebook computersLCD monitors and LCD-TV. It has wide market prospect and its significant interest is important in economy and society. 


X-ray Diagnosing Technology
Since Roentgen found X-ray in 1895, X-ray has been widely used in industry, science and technology, especially medical diagnosing.
X-ray image of high quality has very important function on scientific research and technical applications, such as biomedicine, dynamics of biochemical reaction, non-destructive testing for industrial field, X-ray micrography, X-CT, etc.
The major research directions are to improve definition of image and decrease x-ray radiating dose of apparatus. The apparatus can be widely used for first-aid service for orthopaedics, surgery, paediatric and simultaneous diagnosis in operation. It is especially helpful while being applied to simultaneous diagnosis of emergency injury for sportsmen, fieldwork operators, army soldiers and checking contraceptive rings condition for fertile women and non-destructive testing for industrial field.


GaInP/GaAs/Ge High Efficiency Tandem Solar Cell

Solar cell for space power are requested for high photovoltaic efficiency and lower weight and cost. At present Si solar cell (14%) and GaAs solar cell (18%) have individual different disadvantages for future needs. GaInP/GaAs/Ge high photovoltaic efficiency solar cell (22%) is one of the main developing directions of space solar cells. Hence, we have investigated solar cell of GaAs on Ge substrate by MOCVD technology to fit higher efficiency and reduced weight and lower cost. Now, GaAs/Ge solar cells of 2×2cm2 area have been fabricated with independently verified efficiencies up to 15 percent (AM0, 25,).


MOCVD Equipment
As a tool to research and produce compound semiconductor materials, MOCVD equipments can not be replaced by other semiconductor material grow equipments especially in industry, it is increasingly paid attention to its high quality and stability and repeatability and versatility. It is a major means to produce semiconductor devices and microwave devices, laser, diode, solar cells, photoelectric cathode, and so on.
The MOCVD equipments have been developed by our lab, which performance is the best in China. We have proceeded experiences and technology on manufacturing MOCVD for more than ten years, two generations MOCVD with a wafer were manufactured,the production of LP-MOCVD has had own knowledge property right independently and obtained the national certificate of new production. Presently, the production has been sold all over the country. 

ltraviolet Detector and Technology
Our group are developing various Ultraviolet (UV) detectors and correlation technologies to improvement of ultraviolet detectors in sensitivity, format, and high resolution. Which is a key to advances in UV astronomy,  scientific, environmental and in laboratory, industrial and commercial applications.

Instruments and equipment


High-frequency sealing system

vacuum coating system

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector

high-speed oscillograph

Laser welding system

MOVCD system

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