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Optical Direction and Measurement Technique Research Department


    The Department holds very important position in China in terms of optical direction and pointing research and development technology, and boasts multiple major innovations. Combining with the needs of our Institute’s new round reform, development and Phase III innovations, the Research Department was established in May 2007, with main research orientations of precision angle measurement technology, high-precision measuring technology and target detection and identification technology based on polarized light, final-section target detection and identification technology, and optical fiber sensing and its system integration technology. The Research Department now boasts 16 in-service employees, including three research fellows and three associate research fellows, and with young employees under age of 35 accounting for 70% to form a good talents echelon. 
    The mature or under-research technologies of the Research Department mainly include high-precision self-collimation measurement technology, azimuthal vertical transmission technology, optical fiber gyro quick north-finding orientation technology, pointing equipment testing and standardization technology, starlight navigation technology, high-precision optical final-section detection technology, new-type absolute photoelectricencoder code wheeltechnology and polarized light interference technology, etc. 
    The Research Department practices gridded
latticemanagement mode with monomer technology research as the longitude and demands of project products research and development as the latitude. Specifically speaking, it means to take demands of products research and development as the driving force, and sustained development of monomer technology as the foundation, to build product performance and quality advantages with development of monomer technology, and to support research of technology with return on products in turn. The Research Department pushes ahead with reform on project management mode and expands talents team step by step, carries on fine tradition and optimizes and standardizes management mode so as to improve work efficiency. 
    The Research Department,devoting itself to sustained innovation of relevant single technology for a long time, has made multiple monomer technology IPRs under protection, accumulated multiple key technologies in production and assembly process, and carried out optimized management to ensure the Department’s quality reputation in relevant new products research and development and formed over the years, making our Institute ranking No.1 in China in research and development of pointing and direction technology. 


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