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Information Photonics Research Department

The Information Photonics Research Department is an important part of the national key laboratory of transient optics and photon technology, mainly in research of many fields such as optical fiber and integrated optics, micro-optics, biology optics, optical fiber optical component, photoelectric functional material and information optics, etc, and has trained many professional talents in many fields for China.
The Research Department plans 30 permanent researchers, but currently boasts 21 permanent researchers, including four research fellows and three associate research fellows and senior engineers, of whom there are three doctor tutors, two post-doctorates and three doctors. The Department now has two post-doctorates for research, two doctors under their program and three postgraduates for Master. The researchers have average age under 35, and are characterized by high educational degree, young age but insufficient team members. 
Over the past five years the Department has undertaken and completed multiple national projects, including 12 CAS “100 Talents Program” projects, five “863 Program” projects, one national innovative pre-research project, two key projects under support of national fund for natural science, five provincial-fund projects and six cooperative research and development projects with local government and companies. In addition, we also attach importance to development of civil products, and has researched and developed more than 10 projects in special optical fiber, optical fiber sensing and special glass, etc, of which GF-86 silver-coated glass powder has been put into batch production, with good social benefit gained. 
The Department boasts many types of equipment for optics material thermal properties, optical parameter measurement instrument, prefabricated optical fiber rod manufacturing equipment and optical fiber scale production equipment. All the instruments are open to the outside departments and for cooperative research.
We welcome people with high ideals in China’s optical fiber and integrated optics, micro-optics and biology photonics to join our department. 

In 2008 the project of “Gradient Refraction Index Optical Material and Micro-lens Series” was granted National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress Class II. 
Director of the Research Department: Wang Lili
Tel.: 029-88887506

Photon Crystal Research Group

To be engaged in research of polymer photon crystal optical fiber/ Channel fiber array scale manufacturing and the applied technology.

Leading scientist: Wang Lili, research fellow, doctor tutor; being engaged in research of design, manufacturing and component of optical functional materials for a long time; with great attainments in film optics and material optics. 
Main research achievements:

Key Field 1: development of micro-structure polymer optical fiber scale production technology
   1. Research of manufacturing process for high bandwidth low consumption air core polymer photon crystal optical fiber
   2.Research of manufacturing process for biosome suitable medical soft micro-structure optical fiber
   3. Research of manufacturing process for laser materials mixed with polymer optical fiber
   4. Development of polymer optical fiber probe special for optical testing of harmful substance of exhaust/waste water, etc
   5. Research of manufacturing process for micro-structure image transmission optical fiber, optical fiber panel and light cone.

Key Field 2: design and manufacturing of polymer fiber integrated optical components
   1. Research of infrared micro-structure optical fiber and its integrated components able to be used for transmitting laser energy and manufacturing functional components; 
   2. Research of developing micro-structure optical fiber sensor;
3. Research of medical endoscope series products;
4. Research of application of micro-structure optical fiber panel and light cone in integrated optics research and photoelectric integration.

Micro-optics Research Group 
To mainly undertaken key projects under support of national fund of natural science; be engaged in research of micro-optical components manufacturing, micro-optics imaging and photoelectric information processing. The Group has researched and developed products of gradient refraction index lens, polymer micro-lens and its array, industrial endoscope and infrared temperature sensor, etc, some of which have been produced in batch.
Leading scientist: Li Yulin, research fellow; being engaged in micro-optics research for a long time; of the highest attainments in fiber optics, gradient refraction optics and optical components. 

Main research achievements: 
  1. Gradient refraction index lens series: diameter Ф0.3mmФ9mm, numerical aperture N.A: 0.2, 0.37, 0.46, 0.6, etc, with relatively complete sizes, and mainly used in active/passive components in LD pump solid laser and optical fiber communicationin optical coupler, connector, beam collimator, beam splitter/beam combiner, wave division multiplexer WDMand isolator, etcin comprehensive imaging lens array in copier, scanner and fax machine, and medical and industrial endoscope and micro camera, etc. 


   2. Polymer micro-lens and its array: the Group has trial-produced plane-convex-round lens, plane-convex-ellipse lens and plane-convex gradient refraction index round lens, which can be used in optical fiber coupler, micro-lens offset printing, Gaussian beam collimation and CCD imaging system, etc. 


   3. Infrared temperature sensor series: which can directly measure target temperature without need to contact the target, with measuring range of -20400℃, and are mainly used for monitoring in light industry, textile, kiln temperature, vacuum furnace and equipment in paper-making, foodstuff and electric industries, etc. 


   4. Advanced Photoelectric Material Research Group
Research Orientation: optical function glass, special optical fiber and component, optical communication passive component and electronic materials

The leader of the research group: Wang Yaoxiang, associate research fellow.



Plastic Optical Fiber Development Group
To be mainly engaged in development of polymer communication optical fiber and design, research and development of equipment and process flow.

The leader of the research group: Wang Xuezhong, associate research fellow, having been engaged in development of SIPOF since 1980, published more than 10 thesis and won six practical new-type patents and one invention patents. 

Main research achievements: 
   1. Step polymer communication and optical fiber drawing system

   2. Gradient polymer optical fiber drawing system 

   3. Reflection-method refraction index distribution measuring instrument 

   4. Polymer photon crystal prefabricated optical fiber rod drawing equipment; Patent No.: ZL 2004 1 0073592.6. 

Space Science Research Group
To be mainly engaged in research of space optics and special detection and devote it to exploration of various new modes and methods to make space detection smaller and smarter, including: design of new-type optics system and research of image fusion technology and multi-channel imaging system, etc.

Leading scientist: Tian Weijian, research fellow, doctor tutor, expert with national 863 Program, winner of support from national “100 Talents Program”, candidate for national “Thousands Talents Project”; being engaged in research of special space detection; of the highest attainments in space optics, physics optics and material optics. 

Main research achievements 
   1. Multi-channel composite optics imaging system
   To be devoted to optimized design of a multi-function and smart system on the basis of bionic principle and targeting defect of traditional optics system; give a harmony of contradiction between large field and high resolution; solve the problem of hard searching and easy loss of target in detection, so as to make multi-channel information processing in parallel, smaller and lighter manner.


   2. Micro Large Field Camera
   To research and design a large field low power consumption micro image sensing system for special requirements in fields of pico-satellite and micro robot.

   3. Space Environment Image Sensor’s Coupling Elements Light Cone
   To research process for high-property fiber optical component materials adaptable to space environment, and a technique for them to couple with image sensor, so as to improve system detection ability and detection resolution.


Information Photonics Research Department

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