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Researcher Yang Jianfeng Awarded "Wang Kuancheng Western Scholar of Great Contribution Award for CAS"

On April 20, Bureau of Personal and Education CAS announced the list for 2011 “Wang Kuancheng Western Scholar of Great Contribution Award for CAS”. Researcher Yang Jianfeng from Xi′an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM) was listed for this award.
Researcher Yang Jianfeng is the director of CAS Key Laboratory of Spectral Imaging Technique. His research area includes space optics, optical testing and imaging spectrum. He leaded the development of spatial modulation interference imaging spectrometer and space-borne hyperspectral earners. He also accomplished many tasks in Optical Systems Design for state important project.

During the recent years, he has been focused on the development for the space-borne optical camera for Chang'e projects. He was awarded the 2nd place of Scientific Development Award from CAS . He also was awarded the Outstanding Contribution for the lunar exploration project, Shaanxi WuSi Youth Medal and the 6th Youth Scientific Award. He has four state patents and eight novel applicable patents. He has published more than 40 research papers.
“Wang Kuancheng Western Scholar of Great Contribution Award for CAS” was added in the program "Wang Kuancheng Scholar Award for CAS”. Besides, four outstanding youths, Yao Baoli, Zhao Wei, Ma Caiwen and Yang Jianfeng have been awarded for this award at XIOPM.

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