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XIOPM Newly Increases Education Station for M. S. Degree of Materials Engineering Major

Recently, the reviewing result of Increased Education Station of School of Graduates of CAS was announced. The application of XIOPM for the Education Station for Master Degree of Materials Engineering Major achieved the authorization. This major was listed on the Postgraduate Admission Brochure 2012, and formal admission of this major will start from next year. Currently there are four education stations for M. S. degree of engineering major.
XIOPM has successfully developed the first glass optical fiber, the first glass fiber beam and fiber image bundle, and the first plastic optical fiber early in the 1960s. In recent years, XIOPM has reinforced the distribution in subjects of optical material, and formed subject features of photoelectric materials and devices, special optical fibers, optical glass and window materials, nano hybrid function materials and devices, and plasma materials. The authorization of the education station for materials engineering major will certainly promote the sustainable development of this subject in XIOPM.

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