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“A Kind of Distortion Measuring Equipment” Authorized National Innovation Patent

Any optical system can hardly achieve the perfect imaging demand, and they are just different in the size of aberration. Distortion of optical system will directly affect the geometry precision of positioning of imaging target. Therefore, the size of distortion is a crucial factor for the measuring precision of precise measurement camera such as aerial measurement camera. In order to get precise geometry position image, the design of the camera should revise the distortion and also make precise distortion measurement of actual optical system to provide the modified value in use.
At present, the distortion measurement in our country adopts the target pattern pannel to measure the distortion, that is, install a standard network pannel on imaging surface of the optical system, fix the optical system in the rotary center of precise turntable, and use the telescope to observe the image of the network pannel through the lens in the source direction of the measured system and record the corresponding angles of every image height with the turntable. Calculate the measured optical system distortion in accordance with the image height measured by telescope and the angles recorded turntable. But this method has disadvantages of low measuring precision, complicated installation and debugging, unstable structure, low measuring efficiency, high requirement for working waveband of measured system, time and energy consuming in recording measuring data.
“A Kind of Distortion Measuring Equipment” was developed by Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM), CAS, including turntable, light source, and micro imaging system. The said light source and micro imaging system are on the same optical axis and set on the two sides of the turntable. This distortion measurement equipment has high measuring precision, high efficiency, stable structure and also the function can be expanded, which is a solution of the said technical problem.
At present, “A Kind of Distortion Measuring Equipment” was authorized national innovation patent ( No. ZL200810151034.5).

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