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“Viewing Field Subdivision Optical Synthetic Aperture Imaging System” Authorized National Invention Patent

Recently, “Viewing Field Subdivision Optical Synthetic Aperture Imaging System” of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM), CAS, was authorized national invention patent (No. 200810188557.7).
Optical imaging system has been widely used currently, and also there are research and development of optical system relating to the use of synthetic aperture, traditional high-resolution optical imaging system needs the optical system designed as large aperture single primary lens and secondary lens optical system. Due to higher resolution request of optical system in aerospace-to-ground observation and astronomical observation, the request of aperture of optical system become larger and larger. Currently, large aperture optical system is faced with great difficulties in implementation of material homogeneity, structural strength, processing and assembling. Thus people start to use small aperture lens to connect a large aperture optical system primary lens, but the present techniques requires that small-aperture lens must have the same curvature and aspheric surface figure with the connected lenses of different aperture, this also decides that the small aperture lenses have different surface figure in different position, so there is also difficulties in processing those small aperture lenses with high cost. Therefore, it is very necessary to provide a synthetic aperture optical system with simple structure, low cost, and convenience.
In order to solve the technical problems in the above technology, our institute successfully developed “Viewing Field Subdivision Optical Synthetic Aperture Imaging System” which provides a viewing field subdivision optical synthetic aperture imaging system with high-resolution, easiness of realizing scale production, low cost, and also lightening the optical system.

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