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“Series High-performance Stripe Camera” is Chosen as One of 2018 Sci-tech Innovation Highlights of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

 As recommended by relevant functional departments and experts of CAS, and referring to online voting opinions on highlights screening by the broad netizens, the results of sci-tech achievements transformation and innovation highlights in 2018 of CAS have been finally determined and officially released.  

  The “series high-performance stripe camera” developed independently by XIOPM, as a typical example that “great progress has been made in the independently-developed high-end scientific instruments”, was chosen as a highlight in annual sci-tech innovation. Stripe camera is the only high-end scientific instrument with ultra-high time resolution (ps-fs) and high space resolution (micron) concurrently, and represents the highest level of photoelectric diagnosis technology at present. The series high-performance stripe cameras include 8 kinds such as synch scanning stripe camera, large dynamic-range stripe camera and fs stripe camera, are based on some breakthroughs in core technologies of electronic optical system design and high-performance photoelectric cathode making, etc., and have been applied in national major projects.  

  It is understood that in recent years, CAS has continuously reported major sci-tech achievements under great supports by various social circles and joint efforts of its research staff, and served main fields in national economy through constant achievement transfer and transformation. In order to further enhance the public’s understanding of its highlights and promote its units to further strengthen dissemination and popularization of major achievements, CAS launched the activity of screening “sci-tech highlights” and “highlights in sci-tech achievement transfer and transformation” since 2017.(By the Comprehensive Office)


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