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XIOPM Made Important Progress in Research of Nm Anti-reflection Material

How to build large-area AR coating simply, high-efficiently and at lower cost to realize high-quality wide-spectrum anti-reflection efficiency has been a cutting-edge research topic in optics all the time. Previously wide-spectrum AR coating mostly featured multi-layer structure and needed multiple coatings for realization, with complicated process, at high cost and only suitable for high-end apparatus and equipment. 

Doctor Guo Zhaolong and Zhao Xinhai research team with XIOPM’s National Key Laboratory for Transient Optics and Photon Technology have carried out deep research of the issue and made important progress, proposing a core-shell structure nm material preparation method with organic-inorganic silica precursor covering styrene-acyrlate emulsion, namely through simple sol-gel method for the preparation, and designing micro nano structure as the basic structural unit for building AR coating, to realize simple, quick regulation of layer refraction index and make the layer reach ideal optical property of single-layer AR coating. On the basis of which, and combining high-efficient and low-cost impregnating-pulling and quasi-physical tempering technology, building large-area, high-quality, low-cost and wide-spectrum AR coating layer on glass surface can be realized. The technology has been successfully applied in solar panel cover plate glass and lifted panel’s light-catching capacity and power generation capacity per unit area, and is expected to be applied in solar panel cove plate glass, building glass and agricultural greenhouse glass. 

The achievement was recently published in international top-level journal for chemistry and materials ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (SCI Influencing Factors 6.732) ("High-quality Hollow Closed-Pores Silica Antireflection Coatings Based on Styrene-acyrlate Emulsion@ Organic-inorganic Silica Precursor"). 

Doctor Guo Zhaolong, following his tutor Research Fellow Zhao Wei and mainly focusing on research of nm material technology-based special-function coating, has won supports from Shaanxi Program for Science & Technology, Xi’an Program for Science & Technology and Shaanxi Overall Program for Science & Technology in succession. 

Linkage for downloading of the paper:  


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