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"Underwater Optics" Summit Forum Held in XIOPM

On May 10, 2016, the "Underwater Optics" Summit Forum sponsored by XIOPM, CAS was held solemnly in Xi’an.     

Hou Xun, academician and expert in transient optics and photoelectronics expert, Ma Yuanliang, academician and expert in underwater acoustic engineering and information processing technology expert, Pan Delu, academician and one of founders of ocean color remote sensing science and remote sensing analog simulation science, Wu Hongxin, academician and expert in control theory and control engineering, other famous experts in underwater optics and relevant fields, CAS, Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Education, China Shipbuilding Industry Co. , Ltd. and many experts and scholars from relevant research institutions and universities of other systems attended the forum, to jointly explore China’s application demands form and future development of underwater optics. 

Underwater optics is one of important fields in future research of optics. 71% of the earth surface is covered by water, and resources are extremely rich underwater. Meanwhile ocean is an important field of strategic security. Underwater optics is one of important approaches for measurement and identification of targets in water. It mainly researches transmission characteristics and law of light in water and interaction between light and objects in water, so as to develop relevant systems for sounding and identification of targets in water and for underwater communication, with specific contents including light scattering and absorption in water and attenuation, water surface optical radiation,  reflection, refraction and transmission thereof, underwater optical measurement, photographing, communication, lighting, optical performance of luminescent organism, light energy utilization, light energy remote sensing, and synergy of optics and acoustics. 

XIOPM started research on underwater optics as far back as 1988, and successfully completed a few national major tasks.  

This Summit Forum is designed to clarify the development trend and national strategic demands in underwater optics of China, enhance cooperation and exchange with relevant units, and jointly explore application demands and future development of underwater optics in China, with a view to promoting virtuous circulation of research in basic theory of underwater optics, key technology tackling and useful equipment R&D and industrialization in China.

Centering on themes of the forum, academicians and experts present delivered their reports on "developing marine low-light stereoscopic observation technology", "analysis of demands for optical observation of underwater target and hydroacoustic environment elements", and "non-invasive imaging and wall-surrounding imaging technology through scattering medium", etc, XIOPM also reported its achievements in research of underwater optics made in recent years, and honored guests present at the forum expressed that they will carry out deep cooperation with XIOPM in underwater optics. The participants kept active interaction and carried out joint exploration with the experts.

The "underwater Optics" Summit Forum is a grand academic meeting in China’s underwater optics. Holding of the Forum not only plays active role in promoting development of China’s underwater optics, but also provides a very good platform for exchange between the discipline in XIOPM and other domestic coworkers and users.   


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