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XIOPM’s S&T Innovation Mechanism for Two Consecutive Years Cited in the Work Report of Shaanxi Provincial Government

On Jan. 24, 2016, the 4th Session of the 12th People’s Congress of Shaanxi Province was held in Xi’an and Lou Qinjian, Governor of Shaanxi Province delivered the report on the work of the government. “XIOPM Mode breaking system and mechanism for transformation of innovation achievements” was cited in the report once again. Citation of XIOPM innovations in the reports for two consecutive years means the government’s full affirmation of XIOPM’s efforts in driving development through innovation, giving play to leading and demonstration roles of state-level research institutes in provincial sci-tech innovation and serving local economic development.

When making arrangement for main works in 2016, Governor Lou pointed out: to strive to reshape the industrial system led by innovation and meeting consumers’ demands; to optimize industrial structure according med-high-end requirements and select 30 research institutions to copy and popularize modes of XIOPM and the Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research. 

In recent years, XIOPM has made constant efforts to innovate and break sci-tech systems and mechanism and led sci-tech innovation to serve major sectors of national economy. Through series innovative measures and practices, XIOPM has formed “Talent + Technology + Capital + Service” four-in-one research achievements industrialization and service mode, constructed “Mass Entrepreneurship Space + Pioneering Nursery + Incubator + Accelerator (Industrial Base)” full-chain incubation system, built the first “Research Institution + Angel Fund + Incubator + Pioneering Training” sci-tech innovation and pioneering ecological environment, initially formed “Talent Gathering - Funds Input - Scale Enterprise Development - Repaying Research” virtuous value chain, and straightened out the “Relay Baton” system for research achievements industrialization, providing useful exploration and practice for solving difficulty of “Separation between Sci-tech and Economy” and implementing the national strategy of innovation-driven development.

By the end of 2015, XIOPM had introduced 13 talents under the national "Thousand-Talent Program", 35 talents under the “100-Talent Program”, and more than 30 overseas innovation and entrepreneurship teams, incubated and cultivated 80 hi-tech enterprises, attracted social investment of 700 million yuan, realized output value of 1.2 billion yuan, paid for tax of more than 70 million yuan, and created new jobs of 3,500. Thereinto, in 2015 it introduced 10 high-end teams and newly incubated 30 hi-tech enterprises. In 2015, one enterprise under it was listed in “NEEQ” system, and other 5 enterprises completed stock system reform and will be listed in 2016. XIOPM has initially formed the national strategy “Made in China 2025”-oriented photon manufacturing industry cluster, national strategy “Internet +”-oriented photon information industry cluster and bio-photon industry cluster for people’s livelihood and health. 

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