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XIOPM Makes Important Progress in Research of On-chip Polarized Entangled Photon Pair Generation Technology

Recently, Brent E. Little in Thousand Foreign Experts Program of XIOPM, CAS, through cooperation with Canadian Quebec National Institute for Science Research, City University of Hong Kong and RMIT University of Australia, etc., taking advantage of the spontaneous Four Wave Mixing (FMW) effect between TE mode and TM mode in non-linear micro-ring resonator, combining filtering mode selection action of micro-ring resonator, generated Polarized Entangled photon pair in integrated photon chip for the first time. The result of research was published in the latest Nature Communication.     

Entangled photon consists of two photons with quantum state related to each other, in which quantum state of every photon relies on the other, and measurement of a photon will influence the other one entangled with it. Entangled photon pair is generally generated by adopting conversion under spontaneous parameters or spontaneous FMW. In recent years, with its application overturning traditional idea in emerging quantum technology field (such as quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum teleportation, quantum cryptography and imaging, etc.), entangled photon pair has attracted high attentions. With development of integrated optics, source of on-chip entangled photon pair has won great attentions from researchers and industrial operators due to easy integration with electronic integrated circuit, and become a hot point of research in integrated optics and quantum optics. The research result of XIOPM has provided new thought and method for quantum optical communication and quantum computing, and will effectively drive development of the field. 

Brent E. Little has researched integrated optics for more than 20 years and developed the technical platform of high refractive index difference Planar Lightwave Circuit. The platform has great application potential in optical communication technology and non-linear optics. The non-linear micro-ring resonator based on the platform has great light field enhancing ability. Combining the platform material’s high non-linear coefficient, more than 10 papers in research orientations of continuous wave non-linear effect, OPO, mode-locked laser and multi-channel entangled photon pair generation, etc. have been published in top-level periodicals such as  Natrue Photonics and Nature Communication, etc.

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Diagram of Principle of Model II Spontaneous FWM in Non-linear Micro-ring Resonator

Sp-FWM: spontaneous four wave mixing; St-FWM: stimulated four wave mixing; FSR: free spectrum range of micro-ring resonator.


Figure of the Experimental Device for Generation of Polarized Entangled Photon

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