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XIOPM and Wuhan University Sign an Important Agreement Regarding Joint Establishment of United Laboratory and Cultivation of Postgraduates

At the invitation of Director of XIOPM CAS Zhao Wei and Secretary of Party Committee Ma Caiwen, 6 people including CAS academician and CAE academician Li Deren, CAS academician, Wuhan University School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering President and LIESMARS Director Gong Jianya, LIESMARS Professor Zhang Liangpei, Wuhan University School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering Vice-president Zhang Yongjun as well as Deputy Secretary Guo Zhongkui visited XIOPM CAS from August 14 to August 15.

On the afternoon of the 14th and 15th August, presided over by deputy director Wen Desheng, academicians Li Deren and Gong Jianya separately made academic reports titled Discussion on New Generation of the Space-Based Information Network and Space-Based Information Intelligence Services and Theory and Method of High Precision Satellite Remote Sensing Image Geometric Processing. The reports attracted many scientific researchers from XIOPM, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University, Chang’an University, Xi`an University of Science and Technology and Xi’an Technological University, etc. and both left very deep impression on the participants.

After the report of academician Gong Jianya was finished, director Zhao Wei convened and presided over welcome meeting for academicians Li Deren and Gong Jianya as well as leaders of Wuhan University School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering at 10:00 am on August 15. He said that both the academicians are famous scientists of international remote sensing field and have obtained outstanding academic achievements. Wuhan University School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering and LIESMARS are both key bases of Chinese remote sensing, surveying and mapping, navigation and geospatial information technology and international famous education institution and research institution of this field. XIOPM is willing to make greater contribution to the nation and its people together with Wuhan University under collaborative innovation. Afterwards, deputy director Wen Desheng made a report about XIOPM’s discipline layout and development. The atmosphere during the report was lively and interaction was frequent, and both parties communicated deeply with respect to their places of interest. The expected 20-minute report lasted for over 1 hour.

Academicians Li Deren and Gong Jianya gave high praise to achievements of XIOPM and showed great confidence to the deep cooperation of the two units. They said that the discipline layout, scientific research and technological innovation of XIOPM and Wuhan University are complementary and their potential for cooperation is huge. Both parties shall aim to state demands and strengthen cooperation in the aspects of scientific research, talents cultivation, etc. so as to realize mutual benefits.

Witnessed by academician Li Deren, Wuhan University School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering leaders and XIOPM leaders, director Zhao Wei and academician Gong Jianya, separately representing their units, signed agreements regarding to joint establishment of “Spatial Intelligence Information Technology United Laboratory of Wuhan University-XIOPM CAS” and “Zutong Elite Class of Wuhan University School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering-XIOPM CAS”. United laboratory, being the bond and bridge of XIOPM CAS and Wuhan University, is affiliated to XIOPM Remote Sensing and Intelligent Information System Research Center, with professor Zhang Liangpei as director, academician Li Deren as academic adviser and deputy researcher Liu Jiahang as deputy director. The signing of the two important agreements marks the beginning of deep cooperation between XIOPM CAS and Wuhan University.

At last, academician Li Deren gifted director Zhao Wei, secretary Ma Caiwen, deputy director Wen Desheng and Remote Sensing Center director Liu Jiahang his famous work Non-Stopping Thinking—Collected Works of Academician Li Deren and encouraged everybody to make greater contribution to the nation and society.

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