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Ultraprecise Large Diameter Compact Star Sensor Optical System Is Developed

Recently, Space Sensor Optical Technology Project Team of Spatial Photonic Information Technology Research Laboratory, XIOPM successfully researched and developed ultraprecise large diameter compact star sensor optical system. This optical system is of 175mm length in total (equivalent to diameter size) with focal distance of 320mm and is the one with domestic largest diameter and longest focal distance.

This optical system introduced into multiple technologies, such as athermalization, light-duty and stray radiation suppression. It adopts coplane design concept of minor reflector and aperture calibration mirror, special layout of aperture calibration mirror’s multiple application in optical path, which shortens TOTR and makes the said system’s diameter being equivalent to TOTR; sub-mirror lens hood and aperture calibration mirror are connected with through-hole, which effectively reduces the multiple reflection effects of block and stray light and obtains good stray light suppression effect. The image quality of the general optical system is good, the energy is concentrated, the disc of confusion, color shift and chromatic variation of distortion are relatively small, which helps realize second-level detection accuracy from the angel, and is applicable for ultraprecise star sensor and detection of dark dim-point targets like space debris. The invention patent for this technology has been applied.

Space Sensor Optical Technology Team carried forward XIOPM’s spirit of "ants gnawing a bone", overcame numerous difficulties and technical difficulties within 3 months and finally completed the research and development task and delivered it to users.

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