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A Patent of XIOPM Authorized in Japan

"Rate Doubling Method of Multi-Data Rate Compatible Ultra-High Speed Adaptive All-Optical Data Packet" was authorized an invention patent completed by Zhang Jianguo, Zhao Wei and Xie Xiaoping of XIOPM on March 11 in Japan, which is the second patent authorized in a foreign country in the last two decades at XIOPM.
With the popularity and applications of Internet and the increasing demand for multimedia communications and broadband services, a variety of communication protocols and standards are constantly worked out or improved, such as ATM, SDH, a variety of Ethernet protocol and Fibre Channel, etc. They are the challenges for the communications network and system design, that is, how to ensure that the designed communication network / system can be adaptively compatible with all existing communication protocols and standards, but also be flexible to support the applications of future new communication protocols and standards as well as system upgrading. The transmission and data packets used for exchange of current Internet and long-distance communication systems work in the manner of electronic signal processing and optical signal transmission for different rates and different protocol users.
"Rate Doubling Method of Multi-Data Rate Compatible Ultra-High Speed Adaptive All-Optical Data Packet" makes the original electronic or optical data packet from the end-user or network interface device into real-time pulse width compression, generating the optical data packet that is consistent with the original data packet rate, but the duration of the pulse signal is greatly reduced. And then the extra free time caused by pulse width compression is further shortened to reduce the data cycle in order to achieve rate doubling of data packet signals.
The invention solves the technical matters of limited data packet rate in the process of electro-optical / opto-electrical conversion and solves the interconnection of networks and systems with different rates and / or agreements from the root. This invention has the fast real-time information processing capacity to meet the requirements of high speed work. The present invention can design ultra-high speed optical communication systems and networks with transparent speed rate and transparent protocol.


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