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Dr. Li Kang from Glamorgan University, UK Visits XIOPM

Dr. Li Kang from Glamorgan University,UK visited XIOPM and made an academic report entitled "Blue-Green Laser Source Used in New Projection Display", on April 22.
Dr. Li Kang is mainly engaged in the study on blue-green laser display and application of highly integrated laser with high brightness and high efficiency. In 2007, he graduated from XIOPM. From 2007 to 2009, he did postdoctoral research in Swansea University, UK. Now he is the membership of Optical Society of America and Royal Physical Society, working in Glamorgan University, UK.

Dr. Li Kang described the technology of frequency doubling blue-green laser using the crystalloid of MgO: PPLN in the semiconductor cavity in his report. The research has such advantages as high integration, high brightness, high efficiency, and low cost, which provides a new approach and technology principles for large screen display technology.
During the period, Dr. Li Kang conducted in-depth exchange with the participants on the content of the report.

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