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Dr. Cheng Guanghua Invited as Visiting Prof. at Hubert Curié Laboratory, French National Center for Scientific Research

The Hubert Curié Laboratory of French National Science Research Center invited Dr. Cheng Guanghua as a visiting professor, who is a research fellow at State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Phonetics (SKLTOP), Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics(XIOPM), CAS.
Dr. Cheng Guanghua has been dedicated to the research and development of high power laser technology, super fast laser technology and its mechanism and has made many remarkable and valued research results. He did his post-doctoral research at the Hubert Curié Laboratory, in French National Center for Scientific Research for two years since January 2008.
During his research, he discovered the femtosecond laser lithography type waveguide characteristic with polarization guide light properties mechanism. He also developed one point seven waveguide divide bundling device, wavelength division multiplexer, directional coupler, Bloch wavelength bunch device and device for single polarization waveguiding for three dimensional space based on the character of super fast laser time plastic, time plastic of pulses of light space and genetic algorithm, and applied the method of pure phase control. The development of these devices has improved the limitation of the phase modulator. Related scientific paper was published in Optic Express, and was introduced in Nature Photonics Highlight Research (The link is

The Hubert Curié Lab is a joint laboratory created by Holy Emmanuel dean University, University of Lyon and French National Center for Scientific Research and is affiliated with FNCSR. Its mission is to research optics, photonics, computer science and machine vision and its vision is to establish the most advanced center for optics and machine vision. The establishment of the lab was called the Pole Optique. (Pole Optique
Dr Cheng's research and skills were very well recognized by the lab which later invited him to work as a professor and promised him a long-term professor one year later. But with a rewarding heart and belief, when his contract expired, he declined the invitation and came back to the homeland.
Less than one week after Dr. Cheng’s back, the Curié Lab contacted him for inviting him to be a visiting professor. With the consideration of strengthen the co-operation between two institutes, Dr. Cheng accepted the invitation, and he will work in French for one month per year as a visiting professor.

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