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Researcher Li Xuelong in XIOPM Elected an IAPR Fellow

The 20th International Conference of Pattern Recognition (ICPR) was held in late August in Istanbul, Turkey. At the meeting, Researcher Li Xuelong in XIOPM was elected an IAPR (The International Association for Pattern Recognition) Fellow.
The International Association for Pattern Recognition is an international academic organization founded in 1978 and composed of experts in Pattern Recognition all over the world. It is the member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and has 23 Member States. China joined the association in 1980. As one of the most authoritative international academic organizations in the field of Pattern Recognition, a IAPR Fellow is selected once every two years, and the total number of elected members is less than 2.5 per thousand. This time 17 scholars all over the world are elected. Earlier, there are three well-known scholars elected IAPR Fellows in mainland of China.
Li Xuelong is a researcher and a doctoral supervisor in State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics, XIOPM as well as a director of Optical Image Analysis and Learning Center (OPTIMAL). He is selected in the second batch of national “Thousand Talents” in 2009, the first batch of “Hundred Talents” in Shaanxi Province and “Hundred Talents” in Chinese Academy of Sciences. Before elected IAPR Fellow, he was also elected an IET / IEE Fellow and a British Computer Society Fellow. He published more than 40 articles in IEEE and more than 40 articles in Elsevier / Springer. Many articles have been selected or nominated best papers, many are IEEE Top100 Accessed articles and Featured Articles, and three are Thomson Reuters Science Watch Hot Papers. He had been a president in more than 30 international conferences, a program committee in more than 160 international conferences, an associate editor or a member in editorial board of 15 international journals (IEEE T-IP / T-CSVT / T-SMCB / T-SMCC and Pattern Recognition, etc.), the founder and current Chairman of IEEE-SMC Cognitive Computing Technical Committee, and a member in other six IEEE Committees.

Li Xuelong’s Certificate of an IAPR Fellow

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