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Mr. Zhong Sixuan, the plenipotentiary in China of U.S. EI Company,visited XIOPM

On May 28, Mr. Zhong Sixuan, the plenipotentiary in China of U.S. EI Company, made an academic visit in XIOPM. Hou Xun, Academician of CAS, Zhao Wei, the Director of XIOPM, Wu Wenbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of XIOPM, and Ma Caiwen, Deputy Director of XIOPM met with Mr. Zhong Sixuan. Mr. Zhong Sixuan is engaged in software engineering, who is responsible for all Chinese operations in U.S. EI company.

Mr. Zhong Sixuan was invited to make a report for our researchers on "Writing and Publication of Scientific Papers and the Use of Database Resources EI" with more than 150 researchers and graduate students attended. At the report, Mr. Zhong Sixuan explained the methods of writing scientific papers, especially the requirements and skills of the summary, and communicated with the participants on the use of database resources EI, and the principles and requirements of the published papers, which was welcomed by the researchers and graduate students. After the report, he conducted a discussion with some editors of "Photon Journal" and some researchers. He fully affirmed the academic standard and quality of "Photon Journal" and made many pertinent suggestions on the future development of "Photon Journal".


During the visit, accompanied by the Director Zhao Wei, Mr. Zhong visited the State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics in XIOPM.

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