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Optical instruments and equipment in XIOPM exported to Canada

Recently, XIOPM has successfully completed the task of developing laser optical tweezers micro-operation instrument for University of Toronto, Canada. This is the first time for our Institute to export optical instruments and equipment to Western countries.
Laser optical tweezers is a new type of optical micro-manipulation and micro-machining system. It introduces laser to the microscope acting on micro-objects, use laser to achieve the clamping, operating and processing of tiny particles, and will convert the micro-process observed under the microscope into digital video images the computer can handle through CCD image sensor and image acquisition card. It is a set of optical mechanical and electrical integration equipment used in modern research and teaching and has a very wide range of applications in a number of subject areas related to small particles such as Life Sciences, Cell Engineering, Cell Biology, Molecular Immunology, Genetic Engineering, Reproductive Medicine, Micro Devices, Micro-processing, Dispersion System, Pharmacy, Environment-protecting, etc. 

Laser optical tweezers micro-operation instrument exported toUniversity of Toronto, Canada in XIOPM
In recent years, the research team led by Yao Baoli in State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics has launched laser optical tweezers, femtosecond laser scalpel, Micro-spectrometer and other researches. On the basis of successful capture and master the core technology, the research team has successfully developed the products of laser optical tweezers with our own intellectual property rights. The laser optical tweezers micro-operation instrument developed by XIOPM is of many advantages, such as great capture power, high precision operation, the realization of low magnification lens capturing particles, upgrading system easily and being cost-effective, etc.
This time the laser optical tweezers micro-operation instrument is exported to Canada, which is a useful attempt in exporting high-tech scientific instruments of our Institute. 

Researcher Yao Baoli in XIOPM is in University of Toronto, Canada for equipment installation and training.
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