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In June, our institute is active in academic exchanges: five foreign well-known experts and scholars came to visit and made academic reports

Since June, the academic exchanges of State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics are extremely frequent. Just 5 days from June 22 to 26, a total of five well-known experts and scholars from abroad in four groups came to visit and made academic reports, which greatly facilitated the research activities of State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics and activated the academic thinking of participating young scholars.
The afternoon of June 22, Prof. H. C. Liu from the Institute for Microstructural Sciences of Canada's National Research Council, the academician of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Harald Schneider from Germany Research Center in Dresden made academic reports entitled "THz Quantum Devices" and "Time-resolved infrared and Terahertz spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum structures" respectively. They made a systematic introduction to the latest development and application of terahertz quantum cascade lasers and detectors and the research status of semiconductor quantum structure’s infrared and time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy.

Prof. H. C. Liu

Prof. Harald Schneider

The morning of June 24, Prof. Charles Schmuttenmaer from Yale University made a wonderful academic report entitled "Probing Dynamics in the Far-Infrared with THz Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy" detailing the latest progress of the Yale University in the Far-infrared Ultra-fast Kinetics studies and pointing out that terahertz spectroscopy is the only way to carry out time-resolved studies in the far-infrared region of the spectrum. Prof. Charles Schmuttenmaer is very interested in the discipline development direction and laboratory equipment of Terahertz Technology and applications’ Research Group in State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics. Although time is very tight for catching a flight, he repeatedly asked to see the terahertz laboratory, and on the way to rush to the airport, he continued to conduct in-depth exchanges, discussion and consultation with Research Fellow Fan Wen-Hui in this Lab.

Prof. Charles Schmuttenmaer

The morning of June 26, Prof. Keith A Nelson, a well-known scholar from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, made a wonderful academic report entitled "High-power THz generation, THz nonlinear optics and spectroscopy, and THz coherent control" detailing the latest research advances in the high-power THz generation, THz nonlinear optics and spectroscopy and THz coherent control in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then he was pleased to accept the invitation to conduct a lively interactive discussions and exchange with the participating young scholars. And at the same time, he expressed his hope to strengthen cooperation with State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics in terahertz research.

Prof. Keith A Nelson

The afternoon of June 26, Prof. Keith A Teague, Dean of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in U.S. Oklahoma State University, made an academic report entitled "A Multi-Language Study of the Quality of Interleaved MELP Voice Traffic over a Lossy Network" s and detailed the situation about the department's teaching and research. The well-known THz experts Prof. Daniel R. Grischkowsky and Prof. WL Zhang take on teaching and research work in the department, so the Dean, Prof. Keith A Teague's first visit laid a foundation for both sides to strengthen academic exchange and cooperation, especially in terahertz research field.

Prof. Keith A Teague

Through these academic activities, it raised the international recognition of State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics once again and promoted the academic exchange and discussion work between the key laboratory and international counterparts.

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