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Our Institute organized delegation to visit Australia for attending the 28th International Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics

   “The 28th International Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics” was held in Canberra, Australia during Nov. 10-14, 2008. The conference is a once-every-two-year series international conference. The 27th Conference was held in Xi’an, China during Sept. 17-22, 2006. In the conference it was decided by the representatives from relevant countries to change the name of the conference from former “Conference on Hhigh-speed Photography and Photonics” into “Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics” since the 28th conference, so as to expand range of the series conference. The 28th one in Canberra is the first one using the name of “Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics”, and the first one held in the South Hemisphere. Our Institute dispatched 7-representative delegation headed by Academician Hou Xun and Director Zhao Wei to attend the conference.
   About 100 representatives and exhibitors from US, Germany, Japan, UK, France, China, Australia, Russia, Switzerland and Israel, etc attended the conference, of whom 20 came from China, including seven from CAS XIOPM, two from Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, two from Shenzhen University, three from Shanghai University, one from Fudan University, one from University of Science & Technology of China and four from Zhejiang University. Chinese representatives gave 10 oral reports and three poster lectures during the conference. Of which Research Fellow Yao Baoli with our Institute made the oral report of “Femtosecond Laser Assisted Micro-injection of Living Cells”, Associate Research Fellow Liu Hongjun of “Generation of Fiber Tunable High-power Picosecond Laser Pulse”and Associate Research Fellow Bai Qinglan of “The Designs of Optical System with Laser Illumination for Shooting Positions Measurement”, Research Fellow Zhao Baosheng gave poster lecture of “A New Photon Counting Imaging Detector for the Chinese Chang’E-2 EUV Explorer Mission”, and  Director Zhao Wei chaired the branch conference of “Photonics I” in the afternoon, Nov. 12.
   During the conference, all the experts and scholars carried out deep exchange and discussion about the latest research achievements and applied technologies in the field of high-speed imaging and photonics research in manner of specially-invited report, branch conference report, poster lecture and exhibition respectively. The conference also awarded honorary medals to the scientists having made outstanding contributions in research and application of high-speed imaging and photonics research. In this conference, Photo-Sonics Award was awarded to US scientist Radu Corlan
Vision Research Companymaking important contributions in CMOS image sensor design and CMOS digital high-speed camera.  After five-day wide and deep exchanges, the conference was completed successfully in the afternoon, Nov. 14. The conference also decided to hold “The 29th International Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics” in Japan in 2010.
   During the conference, Chinese representative Hou Xun Academician recommended Zhao Wei
elected Director of the “High-speed Photography and Photonics Speciality Committee” under Chinese Optical Society in the current October, for the post of  national representative of China in the conference by replacing him, and the recommendation was accepted and welcome by the representatives of relevant countries in the conference.

Picture of the representatives of “the 28 International Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics ”some of the representatives

Picture of some Chinese representatives attending “the 28 International Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics”

Meeting of representatives of relevant countries 

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