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An Pan, a Ph.D. candidate of XIOPM, won the 2019 Outstanding Postgraduate Scholarship of Jiaxi Lu.

    Recently, An Pan, a Ph.D. candidate of our Institute, was awarded 2019 Outstanding Postgraduate Scholarship of Jiaxi Lu by the academic committee of FuJian Jiaxi Lu Science and Education Foundation. There are totally 22 postgraduates won this honor, 10 of them are from Chinese Academy of Science. 
    The Outstanding Postgraduate Award of Jiaxi Lu was established by Fujian Jiaxi Lu Science and Education Foundation in 2007. It aims to promote the spirit of Jiaxi Lu, the pioneer and founder of structural chemistry in China, who devoted himself to promote the development of science, technology and education in China. This award is awarded to about 20 Ph.D. students studying in universities and scientific research institutes all over the country each year. 
    An Pan, a Ph.D. candidate majored in Optical Engineering, following researcher Baoli Yao as supervisor, is OSA, SPIE, and APS member. He mainly engaged in quantitative phase microscopy imaging fields, published 13 peer-reviewed papers, participated in 8 meetings in China and abroad. He is a reviewer for journals such as Optica, Optics Letters, Biomedical Optics Express, Optics Express, Applied Optics, Optics Communications, Journal of Optics, and Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.

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