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Zhang Yaping Made an Investigation in XIOPM

On the afternoon of Aug. 14, Zhang Yaping, vice president of CAS and member of the Party at CAS, in the company of Director General of Bureau of Science & Technology for Development CAS Yan Qing, president of Xi’an Branch Institute and Director General of XIOPM Zhao Wei, Secretary of the Party at XIOPM Ma Caiwen, Deputy Director General Xie Xiaoping and Assistant of Director General Hao Wei, visited XIOPM and made an investigation here.

Zhang Yaping first came to the "Ninth Universe" Aerospace Science Popularization Theme Experience Hall led and constructed by XIOPM, and then visited and experienced the Shenzhou return cabin, the space suit display area, the Mars base, the three-dimensional rolling ring, the rocket launch simulation device, and the space photo interaction area. In the "Flight Control Hall", he personally experienced the "Juvenile Star One" measurement and control process, and listened to report on the business development of "Zhongke Chuangxing·Star Science Popularization" brand. He praised and affirmed the way of special interaction and science popularization mode of the "Ninth Universe".

Afterwards, he visited Detection Technology Research Center and State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics of XIOPM. He, at the Space Load Hall of Research Center, checked the space environment simulation experiment platform, inspected part of self-developed testing equipment of XIOPM as well as the construction conditions of scientific research capacity in recent years. In the Key Laboratory, he had an in-depth knowledge on the principles and technical advantages of structured light illumination microscopic imaging system and optical tweezer micromanipulation system, as well as the application of the two systems in small animal imaging and cell micromanipulation. President Zhang fully affirmed the achievements made by research group, and hoped to further improve the imaging field of view so as to be able to observe more macroscopic biological samples. At the time of checking attosecond pulse generation and measurement system platform, he raised questions about the application prospect of attosecond pulse and pre-research planning condition of attosecond light source large-scale scientific device.

At the symposium, Ma Caiwen, Secretary of the Party at XIOPM, made a comprehensive work report covering the progress and achievements of the research work of XIOPM, the construction of the talent team, the innovation of scientific research system and mechanism, and problems and difficulties encountered in the process of establishment of the Innovation Institute and development of attosecond light source large-scale scientific devices. Zhang Yaping said that every time he came to XIOPM, he had a delightful discovery. XIOPM now is developing rapidly, and plays a dominant role in undertaking major national tasks and scientific and technological achievements transferring. He pointed out that it’s not easy for research institutes in Western China to have such strong competitiveness, that XIOPM should seize the opportunity in instruments and equipment capacity building, and attract and retain talents. He also suggested that XIOPM should do a good job in the construction of 3H projects, respond to and promote the construction of the Belt and Road and achieve better and faster development. 

Zhang Yaping also put forward guiding opinions on the future development of XIOPM. He pointed out that XIOPM should focus on "first action" plan and the "13th Five-Year Plan", take classified reform as its breakthrough point, give full play to the advantages of its discipline and strengthen the construction of the talent team. Also it should make persistent efforts to pre-research and demonstrate in the Innovation Institute and the attosecond light source large-scale scientific device.

Zhao Wei, on behalf of Xi’an Branch Institute, expressed his appreciation for President Zhang’s understanding and concern. He said that with the leadership and support of leaders and functional departments, XIOPM will be able to overcome difficulties and make greater contributions to the construction of first-class scientific research institutes and social and economic development.







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